Baileyton to make improvements to Parkside School parking lot

Town land to be open for bids

Baileyton Mayor Windell Calloway (left) and Councilman Dewayne Sumner (right) are seen at Monday night’s meeting of the Baileyton Town Council. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

BAILEYTON, Ala.- The Baileyton Town Council on Monday night said the Town will make improvements to the parking area at Parkside School.

Mayor Windell Calloway explained, “Our plan is to go ahead and cut the curb loose there and fix the parking lot area. As long as there is one kid from our community that goes to that school, we can do it and donate that to them.”

He said he hopes work on the project will begin this week.

Land owned by the Town of Baileyton will soon be open for bids for lease. The parcels include:

  • 1 acre directly behind Kim’s Parkside Catfish
  • 6 acres behind Industrial Park at Red Hill and Oliver Road
  • 10 acres on Fairview Road (left side)
  • 3 acres on Fairview Road (right side)

Interested parties should contact Baileyton Town Hall for more information about the parcels. The council said it hopes to accept bids and open sealed bids at the next council meeting to allow time for fertilizing in preparation for spring planting.

Councilman Dewayne Sumner will assist Town Clerk Pat Gilbert with Town audits.

Said Calloway, “We got everything finally from 2015. We called the other day and they supposedly finished 2015 and will have it reviewed to check out everything. It’s probably going to take a while because they got part of it in 2015 and didn’t get anything else until we carried them what they needed- 2016 and 2017; it’s there as soon as they finish 2015. (For) 2018, 2019 and 2020, my plan is to get to them as soon as possible.”

A dead tree along Schoolhouse Road will be removed. Calloway said he hopes the Town can remove it, but the council did approve hiring a tree service if the job proved to be more difficult than expected.

The council is considering the purchase of a large smoker/grill for use at the community center, park and other community events. The Town currently borrows a smoker/grill from the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office for events. Sumner will look into the details of the possible purchase.

The council also discussed the addition of a digital sign for the new town hall.

Calloway said, “I know some people later asked me about the Christmas drive-thru. A lot of people said they didn’t know about it because we haven’t got the newsletter out yet.”

The sign is not in the budget so the council will need to vote on the purchase, but no action was taken Monday night. Sumner said he sees the sign as an additional way to clearly communicate to the community important information and events.

Repairs on the fence on the backside of Baileyton’s park will soon be underway. An approximately 80-foot section of the fence has been down for some time.

“We will get that fixed,” said the mayor, “and one of the things I would like to do is put a 4-foot gate in there so that the kids from school can come through easy.”

Other improvements are being made and considered at the town’s park. Dead trees have recently been removed and cleaned up. Calloway said he would also like to add cement curbs to the parking areas. More lights have been left on at the park recently to provide more security after a recent string of thefts and vandalism.

The council approved the purchase of two trailer locks and six loads of gravel to have on hand to use as needed.

Calloway thanked those who stepped up to make sure toys were available at this year’s Baileyton Christmas Party. He thanked the Honor Network and Wal-Mart for their donations and grants for the food. He also thanked the CCSO for offering assistance as the Christmas lights were put up throughout the town.

The Baileyton Town Council will meet next on Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.

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