Holiday update from the Cullman County Animal Shelter

The Cullman County Animal Shelter posted on Dec. 22: “This handsome guy was picked up in the County on Co Rd 783. If you are the owner of this K9 or know who the owner is, please contact the shelter at 256-734-5448. Thank You (20-1354)”

CULLMAN, Ala. – With many businesses and organizations either adjusting their schedules or closing down entirely for the long holiday weekend, many people may be concerned about the Cullman County Animal Shelter and how the animals will be spending the holidays. Dwain Floyd, director of the shelter, spoke with The Tribune about how the shelter will be operating this weekend and next and what it needs to give the animals a merry Christmas.

“The only operating changes are that we’re not open to the public,” he said. “Somebody’s here every day cleaning and taking care of the animals, and then of course the Animal Control (officers) are available on an on-call basis from the sheriff’s department.”

In terms of needed items, Floyd said the shelter’s list of donation requests is unchanged, though most of the items it requests are difficult to obtain.

“We go through basically the same cleaning supplies you’d use at home. We use Clorox wipes like crazy, but guess what – you can’t find them anywhere,” he said. “We’ve actually been using a system that the County brought up to us. It’s a kind of electric sprayer that we take around, and we disinfect with that right now, but we still like to go around and wipe things down. It just (doesn’t feel) clean unless it’s been wiped down.”

He continued, “Other than that, the easiest thing to get your hands on if somebody wanted to donate would be food for the dogs. As of right now, we don’t have a sole source for food for the animals as far as the dogs go. We are, at this time, totally feeding off of those contributions from the public, and it’s been going great.”

Floyd said donations can be dropped off at any time and left at the doors of the shelter, as one of the workers will see them and bring them in.

As for any upcoming events in 2021, Floyd said nothing has been planned so far due to COVID-19 restrictions; however, he hopes to start going “full force” into event planning once the danger decreases. 

The shelter has an extremely active Facebook page where you can see all the animals picked up and the furry friends available for adoption:

Contact the Cullman County Animal Shelter at 256-734-5448 or Visit the shelter at 935 Convent Road NE.

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Heather Mann