Cullman County Probate Office receives clean 2015-2020 audit report

Cullman County Probate Judge Tammy Brown

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts recently released the findings of its audit of the Office of Cullman County Probate Judge Tammy Brown covering a period of over four years from Oct. 1, 2015 through Jan. 31, 2020. Reviewing a record of revenues totaling $10,903,329.77 and disbursements totaling $11,291,912.52, the examiner concluded, “Tests performed during the examination did not disclose any significant instances of noncompliance with applicable state or local laws and regulations.”

In a statement, Judge Brown told The Tribune, “The Probate Office is a very diverse office with a lot of different job duties/responsibilities. There is no ‘I’ for the Probate Office; this is a ‘We’ for teamwork. The Probate Office employees that work together as a team to make a five-year audit with no significant instances of noncompliance- (it’s) is not only a great accomplishment for the Probate Office, but also for the people we serve in Cullman County. 

“I want to give special thanks to my Chief Clerk, Kathy Swann. Our success would not be possible without her.”


General Fund 

Revenue totals 

Business Privilege License $902,038.92 

Recordation Tax $5,377,431.23 

Driver’s License $2,053,054.50 

Marriage License $220,200.00 

Store License $9,628.12 

Chain Store License $19,220.46 

Conservation License $95,234.57 

Boat Registrations $702,820.00 

Casual Sales Tax – Boats $409,238.80 

License Inspector $24,921.80 

Other Fees $92,735.25 

Interest Earned on Bank Accounts $1,164.15 

Probate Court $748,855.12 

Fiduciary Funds $80,635.95 

Total Receipts $10,737,178.87



Taxes, Licenses and Fees $9,907,687.80 

Probate Court $797,983.02 

Fiduciary Funds $337,210.47 

Total Disbursements $11,042,881.29


Balance as of Jan. 31, 2020

  • Probate Court – $4.83 
  • Fiduciary Funds – $384,907.20


Special Probate Fee Fund

This fund is based on “a special recording fee to be collected on documents filed in the office of the Judge of Probate.”


Indexing Fees $69,669.50 

Interest $104.54 

Total Receipts $69,774.04



Training and Education $21,904.70 

Office Supplies and Maintenance $10,917.26 

Salaries and Wages $27,785.57 

Furniture and Equipment $10,000.00 

Equipment Maintenance $3,823.84 

Miscellaneous $56.49 

Total Disbursements – $74,487.86 

Balance as of Jan. 31, 2020 – $26,291.08


Copy Fee Fund

This fund is based on “monies collected from vending machines and fees for copying documents.”


Copy Fees $96,476.86

No other revenues



Office Expenses $15,334.22 

Copier Maintenance $28,395.02 

Training and Travel $19,397.80 

Dues $800.00 

Furniture and Equipment $9,346.64 

Elections $9,969.05 

Legal/Court Reporter $11,632.50                                                                     

Miscellaneous $7,668.14 

Total Disbursements – $102,543.37 

Balance as of Jan. 31, 2020 $ 8,601.44


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