Fred and Dolores Osborne named 2021 Farm-City Family of the Year

Dolores and Fred Osborne at the Cullman County Farm-City Banquet Tuesday evening, Nov. 17, 2020 (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. –  The Cullman County Farm-City Committee held its annual Farm-City Banquet Tuesday evening at Loft 212 downtown, where it named Fred and Dolores Osborne the 2021 Farm-City Family of the Year.

The Farm-City Committee chooses a Family of the Year each year, normally rotating between choosing a Farm Family and City Family; however, this year the committee said it chose a family that “has the best of both worlds” in the Osbornes.

The Osbornes succeed Ross and Judy York of York Farms, 2020’s Farm Family of the Year.

Cullman County Farm-City Committee Past Co-Chair Pat Floyd had the honor of officially introducing the Osbornes:

“Each year, the Farm-City committee members select a family that is important to the entire community. Several names will be submitted, and then the committee will vote to make the final selection. This year the decision was unanimous.

“This year’s family is supposed to be a City family since last year’s winners were from the farm. We try to alternate each year. However, this year’s family has the best of both worlds. Our family lives on a small farm in the town of West Point but has spent years serving the people in the city of Cullman.

“They have been married for 57 years and have two children- a son, Fred, and a daughter, Laura Paul, both of whom are graduates of Auburn University. They have four grandchildren- John and Andrew Paul, and Lee and Emma Osborne. They are lifetime members of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church.

“Fred is a very familiar face at Mary Carter Store, where he does custom picture framing as well as various other sales jobs. In fact, he did the beautiful framing of the portrait for our farm family. Fred has worked at this job for 46 years and is still going strong on the ‘scene.’ He is also a member of the Cullman Lions Club, with 52 years perfect attendance (I bet no one else can say that). Fred has received the Melvin Jones Fellow Award, Lion of the Year Award and the Life Membership that is awarded by the Lions International. I am sure that the Lions Club would love to have more dedicated workers like Fred, considering that he has worked at the Cullman County Fair and the Fish (and Ham Dinner) since he joined the Lions Club.

“Dolores went to work at State National Bank after graduating from Sacred Heart Junior College. She, too, was a very dedicated employee, and retired with 54 years of service to the same bank, which is now known as BBVA. She held the position of vice-president at the Cullman main office. Dolores spent numerous hours volunteering in the community in various fields such as education, health services and career goals. She even volunteered for seven years as a Farm-City Committee member. Like Fred, Dolores worked at the Cullman County Fair for 50 years. Actually, last year, due to a death in the family, was the first time that Fred and Dolores had ever missed a Farm-City Banquet.

“As you can tell from their biographies, when it comes to their community service, this is a very dedicated family.”

Other award winners

Youth Awards

  • Outstanding FCCLA Member: Madeline Mitchell, Cold Springs High School
  • Outstanding 4-H Member: Jeb Quick, home school
  • Outstanding FFA Member: Zoey Latham, Fairview High School

Poster Contest Awards

Grades K-3 Winners

  • 1st Place: Chloe Walker, Fairview Elementary
  • 2nd Place: Heston Hayes, Vinemont Elementary
  • 3rd Place: Jacob Winfrey, Cold Springs Elementary

Grades 4-6 Winners

  • 1st Place: Allie Johnson, East Elementary
  • 2nd Place: Lee Dickerson, Good Hope Elementary
  • 3rd Place: Mark Alexander Szedon, Cold Springs Elementary


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