Baileyton opens new town hall

Orby V. Shedd, front, looks at a display of his work at the new Baileyton Town Hall Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

BAILEYTON, Ala. – The town of Baileyton came together Sunday afternoon for the dedication of its new town hall. The project took three years from beginning to completion and the result is “something the whole town can be proud of,” said Councilwoman Myra Martin.

The entrance features three glass cases that proudly display the many miniatures crafted by Orby V. Shedd. The collection includes historic buildings and locations throughout Baileyton’s history. Shedd came out to see his years of hard work prominently displayed and answered the many questions guests asked.

“I made the buildings out of popsicle sticks, match sticks, toothpicks and other things I had around the house,” he said.

A plaque of appreciation for Shedd is hung near the cases.

(Read more about Shedd at

Many were in attendance for the dedication, including the current Baileyton administration as well as those who will be sworn in Nov. 2.

Mayor Johnny Dyar thanked all the many people who worked together to make the building possible, saying, “We want to thank Rhonda Van Zandt and Donald for the site. We couldn’t have picked a better spot than what we’ve got right now. It’s the old homeplace and I just want to thank them for letting the Town have it.”  He also thanked Eddie Clark and Walker Brothers for their work on constructing the building.

The town hall has a large foyer with the three display cases. The office of the town clerk and mayor are located to the right. To the left, there is a large conference/meeting room with plenty of natural light. Portraits of the town’s mayors, past and present, are displayed. The history of Baileyton is also celebrated in various framings throughout the building.

The town hall also has a kitchen in the rear of the building that connects to both the offices and the meeting room, spacious bathrooms and plenty of storage space.

Mayor-Elect Windell Calloway said he is waiting to have discussions with the next council before making any decisions on the old town hall building or any additional activities that might take place in the new town hall.

He said of the old building, “As soon as the COVID is over with, when we can, we hope to go back to renting that top part and using the office for storage space. A lot of it depends on what the council wants to do. We are going to have a council with a voice and an input of what’s done in the town. All major decisions I plan on being made by the council. It’s the people’s town. The people of Baileyton, it’s their town, and those five people representing them, they should have a voice in what we do.”

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Christy Perry