LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In support of Rick Neighbors for Congress



Almost 20 years ago we retired to the great state of Alabama. When the “dust” settled we began to pay attention to our local representation and learn all the new names and faces. It took a long, long time to figure out who our U.S. House Representative was. Congressman (Robert) Aderholt did not make himself well known. It took about 10 years to figure out what that invisible man even looked like.

When Rick Neighbors, first announced his candidacy for the U.S. Congress, we were delighted. We informed his campaign manager, Lisa Ward, that we would be happy to help in any way possible. We signed up to do some phone banking and putting up signs. Not long into the campaign the virus pandemic reared its ugly head and she informed us that the Campaign had shifted gears from Neighbors Helping Neighbors to Neighbors Checking on Neighbors. We all went to work calling and checking on the elderly, providing rides, making masks…. delivering food and filling the needs whenever or wherever we could. Neighbors stepped up all over the district to help their neighbors.  Hundreds of calls to the elderly turned into conversations to console and alleviate the loneliness and subside the fear of the unknown upon us.

Besides being a “Good Neighbor” Mr. Neighbors is an experienced businessman and industrial manager. A real problem solver that fought during the Vietnam War. He valiantly served our country by doing three tours. As a result of these dangerous missions he became a decorated war hero.  During this campaign, he did what he knew to do when he temporarily suspended his campaign to fight the enemy in front of us. 

The shortage of PPE prompted the creation of the Neighbors Protecting Neighbors campaign. When it was first announced that protective masks should be worn to prevent the Covid 19 virus they were virtually unavailable. Neighbors quickly organized volunteers to make home sewn protective masks. To date, the volunteers have sewn and distributed over 10,000 masks.  These masks have been provided to prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, daycares and any one that needed them for free. Many of the masks have been hand delivered by Mr. Neighbors himself.  In the face of one of the most horrific medical threats our nation has ever faced, Aderholt merely sends out texts, emails, and sponsors photo contests.  Aderholt appears to be running away from the dreaded disease, but like a true hero Neighbors runs toward it

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors actually lives in the District that he strives to represent. Mr. Aderholt owns property in both Haleyville and Guntersville but resides with his family in a gated community 12 miles from Washington in Arlington. The home was purchased in 2004, reportedly for $ 1.5 million dollars and is where his children grew up attending school-Not in the school system our children attend. Aderholt’s children receive a top-notch education in exclusive private schools.            

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors returns phone calls in person. It has been said that Aderholt does not want to talk to his constituents in person.

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors is not worth millions. He’s a working man like the rest of us.            

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors does not maintain an empty office in Florence. When constituents attempt to visit this office in hopes of speaking to Aderholt, they run the risk of having the police shoo them away.         

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors does the actual leg work in the area trying to get broadband for everyone, rather than just sending a text or e- mail to say he is “working on it”.             

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors is dedicated to bringing good paying jobs to the district. He is actually working on projects that may do just that!              

Unlike his opponent, Neighbors has run a tireless campaign. He is out every weekend, and many week-days, asking the citizens of District 4 what they want from their representative.

According to The Rural Broad Band Association, there have been 46 bills introduced regarding broadband and telephone regulations (spoofing, robo calls, etc). Yet we still do not have broadband in our rural areas and still get dozens of spam calls every day. So, just what is our so-called Representative doing and better question is, where is he?  He isn’t in Alabama and he missed 26 votes in Washington in 2019 alone. It’s important to Mr. Neighbors to know how we all feel and what he can do for us.  He listens to Democrats, Republicans, and even non-voters because he wants to represent every neighbor and every community in District 4.  One can only wonder why Aderholt is not running a viable campaign in District 4. Is he so arrogant that he thinks he will just win because he won 12 times before? Is it that he doesn’t believe our barely livable wages, education, and healthcare is as important as his?  Why do we not see or hear from him until election year and why is it that he is so confident he will win when he won’t even come out and ask us for his vote? Because he doesn’t serve us… rather, he is served by us through our hard earned tax dollars.  We must stop doing the same things we keep doing, and voting like we keep voting if we want a different outcome for our neighbors and ourselves.

UNLIKE HIS OPPONENT, Rick Neighbors strongly supports:

  • The Military and all of our Veterans whenever and wherever they may have served.
  • The Veterans that have survived battle but with damage to their body and soul should be treated. No matter what!
  • Equal pay for equal work, and the right to earn a living wage.
  • Restoration in full of the Voting Rights Act.
  • A national plan to curb the Pandemic.
  • The Affordable Care Act and its expansion
  • The restoration of normal operations to the United States Postal Service.
  • The independence of the Department of Justice and our court system to ensure equal treatment under the law.
  • Protection of Social Security and Medicare for the nation’s senior citizens.
  • The restoration of truth, honor, integrity, and decorum in our elected leaders.


Because of these and many other reasons, we proudly support and endorse Rick Neighbors for the Office of United States Representative Congressional District 4 Alabama.  We sincerely hope that voters will wisely not choose to vote a straight ticket but take the time to consider their own self-interest and vote for Rick Neighbors, one of us… a real neighbor and true gentleman who is actually interested in serving District 4.

John and Randi Gross

Russellville, AL