Cullman County’s Rodger Brown named top 10 Jack’s ‘Granfluencer’

Evan Roden and grandfather/Granfluencer Rodger Brown enjoy lunch Sunday afternoon at the West Point Jack’s. (Photo courtesy of Cyndi Roden)

WEST POINT, Ala. – On Sunday afternoon, Holly Pond High School student Evan Roden sat down for lunch with his grandfather Rodger Brown- “Ahndaddy” to the family- at the West Point Jack’s Family Restaurant, to celebrate Grandparents Day with a special twist: Evan and mother Cyndi Roden informed Brown he was named among the top 10 “Granfluencers” in an essay contest sponsored by the Alabama-based restaurant chain. 

Brown joined nine other Granfluencers as winners, out of approximately 500 contest entries across the South.

Brown’s daughter and Evan’s mother, Cyndi Roden, told The Tribune, “Evan and I got to write an essay about why that your grandparent would be a ‘Granfluencer’- and they called it that. I got an email Saturday, and it said ‘Congratulations, you’ve won,’ and of course, you never know if it’s real or not, and I told Evan, ‘I think we won that Granfluencer contest we entered.’ I was like, ‘Well, that’s pretty cool!’”

Roden continued, “In the essay, it talks about why your person is a granfluencer, and I told them about my dad always helping with Evan. He goes to all his lamb shows (Evan shows livestock and recently won a lamb competition)- he and my mom both do, but my dad is the Jack’s person. My dad goes to Jack’s every day; the people at Jack’s think him as a part of the family! They were funny. Today, we told them about it, and they were like, ‘Only him!’ That was the perfect person to win the contest.”

Both Granfluencer Brown and grandson Roden will receive free meals at Jack’s restaurants for the next year.

Brown is the “granfluencer” to two proud grandchildren: Evan Roden and Kirsten Campbell.

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