Cullman incumbents sweep election; 2 county mayors unseated

Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs speaks following his re-election Tuesday evening. (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Nine municipal elections were held across Cullman County Tuesday, and when the votes were tallied, incumbents in the City of Cullman held their own against some tough challengers, while the mayors of Baileyton and Colony were unseated.

In the City of Cullman, Mayor Woody Jacobs won a second term against a solid opponent in Mark Bussman. The two had increasingly visible social media campaigns, but in the end, Jacobs took 63.62% of the vote. Voter turnout in Cullman was on the low side at 29%, with 3,477 of 11,992 registered voters participating.

Jacobs made a statement to those gathered at Cullman City Hall after his victory:

“Tonight, no matter which side of the line you sit on, we all have a higher purpose, and that purpose is working together for a better Cullman. We have mountains of opportunity ahead of us, and it’s only in unison that we can reach their summits. My opponent was a true fighter. He fought for his ideas because he cared for Cullman. We appreciate what he has done for Cullman and I have nothing but respect for him and his family. I’m sure he will continue to find ways to work towards a better Cullman. We spoke about this a few minutes ago when we talked. To the citizens, I appreciate your confidence and support. The dawn of social media brought in a new side of politics to Cullman. Regardless of the praise and criticism, it was amazing to see such engagement and concern, and it is a reflection of the care and concern of this community. To those who gave time and effort to help me win this election, I thank you; I can’t name you all, but you all were great. To my family: I love you and respect you for coming along for the ride. To my wife Connie, who has had many long days and nights, but she has always supported me and this city. To my children Hannah, Tyler and his wife Jennifer, to my sister who’s not here and my niece who’s not here, who walked many streets with us. We serve a providential God, and we must have faith in the pathway He places in front of us. He deserves credit for where I am standing at, now. He deserves the credit for where this city has come. I’ll end on this: I can’t do it alone. And I will do as Hannah says you’re supposed to do at the end of every political speech: God bless America!”

In Baileyton, Mayor Johnny Dyar was defeated by challenger Windell Calloway, while in Colony, challenger Curtis Johnson beat incumbent Mayor Donnis Leeth. Dodge City Mayor Tawana Canada held off challenger Gerald Turner while South Vinemont Mayor Radginal Dodson fended off opponent Shirley Arnett.

Below are the results from all nine elections.


Town of Baileyton


Incumbent Johnny Dyar 126

Windell Calloway 163

Council, place 2

Deborah Moon 110

Roy Shedd 181

Council, place 3

Incumbent Wendell Peterson 183

Randy Gaines 101

Council, place 4

Incumbent Myra Martin 139

Benny Guthrie 147

Council, place 5

Incumbent Greg Griffin 161

Pat Dyar 126

Town of Colony


Incumbent Donnis Leeth 44

Curtis Johnson 53



City of Cullman


Incumbent Woody Jacobs 2,212
Mark Bussman 1,265


Council, place 1

Incumbent Andy Page 1,830
Brad Smith 1,551


Council, place 2

Johnny Cook – 2,044
Gwen Parker – 1,354


Council, place 3

David Moss 2,244
Tony Townson 1,091


Council, place 4

Clint Hollingsworth 1,949
Steve Cummings 1,437


Cullman City School Board, place 2

Incumbent Chris Branham 2,157
Nick Dumas 1,099


Cullman City School Board, place 3

Cheryl Harrison 1,896
Scott Sessions 1,420


Cullman City School Board, place 4

Incumbent Jason Neal 2,102
Nathan Haynes 1,159



Town of Dodge City


Incumbent Tawana Canada 108

Gerald Turner 41


Council, place 4

Incumbent Inez McDonald 82

Mark Brannon 65


Council, place 5- A run-off will be held.

Incumbent  Ervin Chumley 63

J.V. Shelton 53

Kimberly Searcy 29



Town of Garden City

Council, place 5

Incumbent Patsy Chafin  42

Oscar Goodwin 36



City of Good Hope 

Council, place 2

Incumbent Maxie Jones 63

Eric Phillips 108



City of Hanceville

Council, place 1

Incumbent  Jimmie Nuss 217

Joyce Barnett 106


Council, place 4

Incumbent Charles Wilson 121

Patty Nail Dean 212



Town of Holly Pond

Council, place 1

Incumbent  Lou Thomas 41

Julie Ray 50



Town of South Vinemont


Incumbent Radginal Dodson 47

Shirley Arnett 44


Council, place 1

Incumbent JoAnn Oakley 36

Chris Thompson 54


Council, place 5

Sonya Copeland 49

Jerry C. Smith, Sr. 41


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