Letter to the Editor: An open letter from South Vinemont mayoral candidate Shirley Arnett


After the recent Letter to the Editor from my opponent, I commented that I have never heard, thought or said that Mayor Dodson has done anything illegal whatsoever.

I want to say, in this election, the choice is between two very different candidates. We have  tried to knock on every door, and there are a lot of different ideas from citizens that I believe can be implemented at a very low cost in our town, ideas that I would love to bring before our council as mayor. New ideas do not make the past bad; there is just a sense of excitement coming from many voices in the community.

When I met Chris Thompson from Man Cave Market and saw he and his twin brother, Pat, have the same vision for our community, of course I asked him to consider this challenge. He is ready! Sonya Copeland was the first to sign up for Place 5, when I signed up to run for mayor. She was so excited to get involved and share her views. I believe she may be the youngest person to ever be on our council. She wants to help make this town a better place for her family, including two children. She is ready! That is why I’m proud to support both of them. They will be voices in Vinemont for a long time to come.

I have loved working with volunteers that helped knock on doors, and with Angel Kline and her daughter who helped create signs. Also, thank you Ava Floyd for all of your help!

I would be so very proud to continue to serve this community as mayor and continue my dedication as shown by only missing one meeting in eight years. No matter the outcome of Tuesday’s vote, I would hope to continue to work with the Town to pursue a community garden on the north side of the walking trail.

Most importantly, I would love to see a record turnout of citizens showing up to vote on Tuesday and for everyone to be welcomed and involved in this great community we call home in the future!

Thank you,

Shirley Arnett

Candidate for mayor

Aug. 25, 2020

Town of South Vinemont