2020 Municipal Election Candidate Q&A: Roy Shedd and Deborah Moon, Baileyton Town Council, place 2

Roy Shedd (contributed)

BAILEYTON, Ala.- As the Aug. 25, 2020 Municipal Election approaches, The Tribune is holding Q&A sessions between candidates.

In Baileyton, voters will be choosing new council members. Deborah Moon and Roy Shedd have each qualified to seek place 2, left vacant by mayoral candidate Windell Calloway.

Editor’s note: The Tribune attempted to contact Deborah Moon several times for this article. As she did not respond, only Roy Shedd’s answers are published.

Why did you choose to run in the 2020 race?

Shedd: “I have 21 years of previous experience with the town council and I felt like I could still be of service to the town of Baileyton.”

What would you like to do for Baileyton in the next four years if elected?

Shedd: “I would like to see transparency in the business of the town and better maintenance of our equipment.” 

Are there any specific projects you would like to work on if elected?

Shedd: “Upgrades in the park and new venues for all age groups.”

Why do you think the people of Baileyton should vote for you?

Shedd: “With all of the previous experience of being a councilman, I feel like I could start from day one with an advantage to be able to help with the concerns and needs of the town of Baileyton.”


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