Lonesome Dove celebrates 4th with food, fun, fellowship

Fellowship at the Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church’s 4th of July event Saturday evening (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND, Ala. – Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church (LDCC) hosted a 4th of July evening of fun Saturday, serving up homemade desserts, grilled corn, smoked ribs and, of course, fireworks.

“Where this came from was through the COVID-19 pandemic and church being closed,” said Pastor Tim Collier. “We didn’t have church for eight weeks, so it was kind of a family-oriented type event with the community was where it came from and just having food, fun and fellowship, playing games and getting outside and spending time with the kids. Our firework show is for the community. Everything we do outside is an outreach type ministry, so we try to invite people in the community that don’t go to church or don’t have a church. We do the same thing when we feed, we invite the community, people so it’s neighbor-inviting-neighbor.”

Collier said this year is different than normal.

“We normally, every year we’ve done a 4th of July Ranch Rodeo and we’ve done it every year except for this year. Because of COVID-19, this year we had to adapt,” he said. “Hopefully (in) September we’ll be able to do it.”

Saturday night’s event went smoothly, with everyone nestled in their vehicles to view the fireworks show as the evening grew darker.

The pastor shared a brief history of his church, saying, “We’ve been a church since June 5, 2011. On Sunday, you won’t tell a lot of difference here than any church you go into; we call it ‘church for the unchurched.’ We don’t go out politicking trying to get people in church to come to our church; that’s not what we’re about. We want people to feel comfortable, we want people to reach the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you had to put a denomination to us, we would be a Baptist-based faith, I guess. It’s ‘come as you are.’ We got people from all walks of life who attend church here, from one end of the spectrum to the other. It seems to work. We don’t necessarily have a format- a lot of people do programs and kind of it’s all laid out- we don’t do that. We let the Holy Spirit lead, guide and direct; we just follow him. If somebody was looking for a church, this is a church family that’s very strong. They love one another, care for one another; we herd as one.”

Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church is located at 97 County Road 1677, Cullman, AL 35058, where Sunday services begin at 9:30 a.m.

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