CCBOE’s Barnette: Masks will not be required in school

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CULLMAN, Ala. –  Cullman County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette on Monday released more details about what school will look like when it resumes Aug. 20. He said students will not be required to wears masks.

In the system’s online newsletter, “The Inside Look,” Barnette said:

I’m excited to share that we are planning our roadmap to reopening our schools. I am even more excited that almost 100% of our families plan to send their children back to a traditional school setting in the fall. We do have some parents that would like to have their children take classes digitally instead of coming back to a face-to-face setting and that is ok. I realize that we have some students that have underlying health conditions that put them at a greater risk for health complications than others. I want you to know that my staff and I have been working on this road map to re-open Cullman County Schools and it includes areas such as Sanitation and Hygiene, Transporting Students, Entering and Exiting the School Buildings, Breakfast, Lunch & Snack, Large Group Gatherings, Teaching & Learning, Technology, and Communication.

Just to name a few:

  • Our facilities have been cleaned and they will continue to be sanitized throughout the school year on a regular schedule.
  • Masks…If you feel more comfortable with your child wearing a face covering it will be allowed, BUT it will not be required.
  • Buses…We are putting bus procedures in place such as having family members sharing seats or sitting in close proximity to one another and encouraging students to wear a face-covering while riding the bus but still not requiring it at this point.
  • Lunchrooms… We are working on procedures for lunchrooms. These will be different from school to school based on their enrollment and facilities but we will be providing lunches for our students.
I want our parents to be confident that keeping their children safe and healthy is our top priority. I cannot wait to have students back on our campuses beginning August 20th, 2020!


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