Bringing out the Best: You’ve been egged!

Ava Whatley shows an empty golden egg, representing Jesus’ empty tomb. (contributed)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – Hanceville Elementary School second grader Ava Whatley has been busy this past week “egging” her friends’ and relatives’ houses. With lots of free time and with Easter fast approaching, Ava came up with a fun way to put a smile on the faces of those she cares about and spread the Easter message while still practicing safe social distancing.

Ava, along with her mother Jessica Whatley, was looking for fun ideas when Ava had a brilliant idea.

Jessica explained, “She’s been wanting to do something for a while for her friends since we’ve been stuck in quarantine. We had been brainstorming ideas and trying to figure out something. We had thought about how they had done the ‘You’ve Been Boo-ed’ during Halloween but she wanted to do a Christian aspect of it.”

Working on that idea, Ava decided to leave Easter gifts at her friends’ doors, but then she added a charming Easter egg twist to it.

Jessica said, “She actually thought about doing the egg hunt thing and wanted to throw that in there since we can’t get out and do egg hunts right now.”

She added, “She wanted them to know with Easter coming up that it’s not just about the Easter Bunny, that it’s really about Jesus.”

Mom and daughter began preparing cards and candy-filled eggs to deliver. Together, they have had a wonderful time carrying out their mission.

“The more she saw the reactions of their pictures and videos their parents were sending us and saw how excited they were, the more she wanted to do. So, we have actually made up some more we are going to do during the week. It’s just been something she has really enjoyed doing,” Jessica said.

Ava leaves a beautiful card at the front door of each house with a scripture she chooses on her own. The scripture Ava chose is John 11:25: “I am the resurrection and the light. The one who believes in me will live even though they die.”

The card also explains that each recipient has been “egged,” saying, “There are 12 eggs hidden in your yard. Enjoy the hunt. You will find an empty egg. It is a reminder of Jesus’s empty tomb. He is Risen!”

The Whatleys made sure with each family that it was OK for Ava to come by. The parents helped distract her friends while she hid the eggs and left the card at each door to help maintain the element of surprise. Ava “egged” her grandparents, her school friends and neighbors. She isn’t finished and would be excited if others began egging their friends, too.

The Whatleys attend Desperation Church and Ava attends Hanceville Elementary School. Ava’s teacher is Monica Brown. Ava hopes to also be a teacher when she grows up. She misses her friends and being at school, but her idea has been a great way for her to stay connected with everyone.

Ava said of her egg hiding, “It’s nervous because they are at home so you try to do it as fast as you can. My Nana actually came out while I was doing it. She didn’t see what I was doing but she came out. She was going to the pool and I was hiding one.” 

She added, “I am so excited when I see their pictures. It’s fun to watch.”

How would Ava feel about seeing other kids egging their friends?

She said, “I would love that!”

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One of the cards Ava Whatley made to share with friends and neighbors (contributed)
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