West Point talks COVID-19, paving CR 1141

West Point Mayor Gerald Schafer, left, speaks to the West Point Town Council Monday evening. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

WEST POINT, Ala. – The West Point Senior Center recently received new countertops, but due to COVID-19, the West Point seniors will have to wait to enjoy the new addition. The decision was made Monday that the senior centers run by the Cullman County Commission on Aging will be closed until further notice. Center directors will be on-site and meal services are being arranged.

The seniors aren’t the only residents to be affected.

Councilmember Darion Daniel said of park and rec ball, “He (Park Director Wesley Laney) said that they should not practice and if people do, it would be on their own.”

Opening day has been postponed until May 1, but that is tentative.

Councilman Timmy Smith suggested, “They should do whatever the Alabama (High School) Athletic Association says to do.”

Mayor Gerald Schafer said he did not feel the need for the town council to take any action regarding additional decisions pertaining to the COVID-19 virus.

He said, “Hopefully this stuff will start tapering off in the next few weeks.”

After three failed attempts at grants to help with the repaving of County Road 1141, Schafer said, he talked with the Cullman County Commission.

He said, “I talked to (Cullman County Commissioner) Garry Marchman and he said that he still plans on paving 1141. Not this year, but next year.”

County Road 1141 is still the County’s responsibility to maintain, according to Town Attorney Dan Willingham.

The intersection of County Roads 1141 and 1123 at the entrance of Summerset Subdivision will soon be brighter with the addition of a new streetlight. The council approved the cost of the new streetlight that councilman Steve Link reported would cost approximately $15 a month.

The Town has encouraged people over the past several months to consider having their property annexed into the West Point town limits prior to the 2020 Census count beginning. At Monday night’s meeting, the council did approve the annexation of several properties into the town.

The Town of West Point has a new Facebook page to update residents with information and announcements. The new Facebook page is West Point, Town of. www.facebook.com/West-Point-Town-of-104110687832840.

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