Senior Spotlight: Beanbag baseball beatdown brewing

“Recycled Teenager” Jerome Pearson practices his beanbag tossing skills at the Fairview Senior Center this week. The Fairview team will take on the “Sizzlin’ Seniors” of Good Hope Feb. 25. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

FAIRVIEW, Ala. – A showdown of epic proportions has been set for Feb. 25 as the Sizzlin’ Seniors of Good Hope travel to Fairview to face the Recycled Teenagers in a beanbag baseball shootout. The Fairview Senior Center will host the Good Hope Senior Center and the beatdown will determine which group will earn bragging rights as the mightiest beanbag baseball team in Cullman County.

Fairview seniors seemed confident Tuesday morning that they would reign supreme. They feel they have the experience needed to defeat the relative newcomers, the Sizzlin’ Seniors. Final roster selections for each team have not been formally announced, but fans can expect to see the finest display of beanbag tossing the likes of which this county has never witnessed.

Fairview Senior Center Director Angie Carter pointed out that the Recycled Teenagers play every Monday and Friday and have for a while.

“We have T-shirts, and we will have them on that day,” she laughed.

Jerome Pearson showed off his skills as he talked about the upcoming battle with his group’s new rivals.

The Good Hope Senior Center is a part-time center, and some might say that makes the Sizzlin’ Seniors the underdogs, but the talent runs deep on both teams. The February match-up will decide, at least temporarily, which team has what it takes to be champions.

Carter smiled, “Comfort Care is coming and bringing snacks and they are supposed to bring either a trophy or a plaque for the winners. I am trying to make it pretty big so these other places will jump in and challenge. I think it will be fun.”

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Christy Perry