‘To me, community is built around a school’

Logan Preservation Foundation holds annual Greens, Beans and Music event

Local band ‘Behind the Times’ performed at the annual Greens, Beans and Music event Saturday evening at the Logan Junior High Community Center. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

LOGAN, Ala. – “It’s just for community,” said Logan Preservation Foundation Treasurer Amy Shadrick Saturday at the annual Greens, Beans and Music event, “just a community get together to keep people interested in the school and preserving the school and the memories of the school. We’ve had people share memories and whatnot from when they went to school here. I just hope people stay interested. To me, community is built around a school, and when there’s not a school anymore, it’s not as much community.”

The Logan Junior High Community Center was filled with good food, music and fellowship Saturday evening for the annual event, which was also the annual meeting of the Foundation. Guests enjoyed live entertainment from band Behind the Times.

“It’s partly for the Preservation Foundation itself, which is anyone in the community, alumni (of Logan Junior High) or anyone that’s interested in helping to preserve the school,” said Shadrick. “We have $10 a year dues. It’s just a small way to collect some money, and we have a few fundraisers throughout the year. We rent the school as a community center. You can rent the lunchroom, the gym or the two rooms on the end of the school. People can rent whatever rooms they want.”

Shadrick shared a little bit about Greens, Beans and Music.

“We’ve done something every year; we’ve changed it up over the time, trying to find what most people like. We’ve done just the music where we just had the music- we’ve always kind of done something like this with music and different things,” she smiled. “The Greens and Beans thing we’ve done- this is like the third year in a row since we’ve done that. Everyone seems to like that, so I guess it’s a keeper.”

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