‘It really makes them happy just to get flowers!’

Cullman Florist ‘Petals It Forward’

Residents were surprised with colorful bouquets Wednesday, on Petal It Forward day, by Cullman Florist. (Courtesy of Stephanie Cook)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Employees of Cullman Florist visited Rumors Deli and several other area businesses Wednesday, handing out colorful bouquets of flowers two at a time- one for the recipient and one for the recipient to give to someone else. Wednesday was Petal It Forward day.

According to the Society of American Florists: “This marks the fifth year SAF has coordinated Petal It Forward. During this random acts of kindness effort, consumers receive two bouquets — one to keep and one to share — to demonstrate the Rutgers University research that shows flowers make people happy, as well as new research from the University of North Florida demonstrating that flowers also relieve stress.”

Cullman Florist Co-Manager Stephanie Cook shared, “Today is national Petal It Forward day; it’s a nationwide event. There’s florists in every state participating and basically what we do is go out and we hand out two bouquets, one is for person to keep, the other to give it away, so we go out and we get to hear all kinds of cool stories!”

Cook shared some of what her team heard Wednesday.

“Someone earlier today, their birthday was today, so you know they were very excited to get one and then they get to give the other bouquet away to anyone,” she said. “They (other Cullman Florist employees) met someone this morning, her husband had passed away a couple years ago, but today was their anniversary, so it turned out really neat that she got flowers. It’s just a cool way to show appreciation to people and then that gives them a way to, if there’s someone that’s helped them recently, a lot of times people will know someone that’s sick or something, they can give it to anyone they want to. There was a guy we met at Rumors, he went, ‘No, I don’t want it,’ and we went, ‘It’s free!’ and he said, ‘Well, I’m on a work trip,’ and we’re like, ‘Just give it to the gas station attendant, whoever,’ you know. With people, it really makes them happy just to get flowers!”

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