Starting tonight: Something is wrong at Camp Liberty!

According to authorities at Camp Liberty, “Patient 8675309 has escaped.” (Photo courtesy of Camp Liberty)

BATTLEGROUND, Ala. – Authorities at Camp Liberty near the Battleground community north of West Point have alerted the media that something mysterious is occurring at their facility. After last year’s claim of the opening of “a portal to another world,” locals do not know what to expect, but recent reports include strange lights, strange sounds and far stranger people sighted in the woods around the camp.

Camp Liberty Commander Col. Joseph Land admitted to The Tribune, “There’s government experiments that have gone awry, and soldiers, Marines and scientists have gone to the field, but they’ve never come back.”  

Now it appears that some of them may have reappeared amid claims of the opening of new portals and possible tampering with containment systems in a temporary research center at the site. They were reportedly spotted in, of all places, an odd traveling carnival. Military sources say they have control of the situation, but for some reason, they are desperately seeking civilian applicants for some type of mission.

The Haunt at Camp Liberty

The Halloween season event at Camp Liberty is not a typical haunted trail. In most of these, visitors walk through and see the creepy sights while costumed actors sneak around and try to scare the daylights out of them. “The Haunt at Camp Liberty” certainly has some of those elements, but on this haunted trail, the visitors become actors and become part of the story itself.

Imagine an open-air escape room

Land said, “It has a military theme, which is what’s unique, and it is a full-immersion haunt; in other words, the people (visitors) that participate in the haunt are part of the story. They’re not just walking through a path and people jump out and go ‘Boo,’ okay. They’re part of the story, and in order for the story to come to conclusion-in other words, to save society as we know it-they have to get a code to the end of the haunt in order to kind of complete the mission, so to speak.

“So, it’s unique in that it’s a full-immersion; they’re fully part of the story. It’s a touch haunt, so they’re going to get a little bloody and nasty, and they need to wear yucky clothes. It’s a very unique environment, especially here in Alabama.”

The event will take place partially in the woods on Camp Liberty’s campus, with other portions in a strange carnival on the grounds, and in a 5,200-square-foot temporary “research center” set up to study the strange happenings at the camp.

Last year was the first Haunt at Camp Liberty, and in that very first year the event was ranked among the top 15 haunt attractions in the state, a rare achievement for first attempts.

Unique perspective

Asked about the “wow factor” of the Haunt, Land said visitors are going to go home talking about “how they’re part of the story, not just watching the show. And the military theme gives it a unique perspective, in that there’s a mission as part of the show. The storyline says that, in order to be successful, you have to accomplish the mission. Otherwise, society will not continue as we know it. And probably the other wow factor is, hey, it’s at Camp Liberty, and all kinds of cool things happen here!”


Camp Liberty warns this event is “a fully-immersive, physically-active, intense, military-themed haunt in north Alabama. This is NOT your standard walk-through haunt. You may be touched, get wet and/or dirty, or made to crawl into and through obstacles. Please leave all jewelry, electronics or other valuables at home or in your car. Be sure to wear clothing and shoes that can get dirty. These attractions are suggested for ages 13 and up.”

At a glance

The Haunt at Camp Liberty

Fridays and Saturdays, 7 p.m. until midnight, Sept. 27 through Nov. 2

Open Oct. 31, 7-10 p.m.

At Camp Liberty near the Battleground community

15719 Alabama Highway 157, Vinemont, AL 35179

Suggested for ages 13 and older

Tickets for the trail are $16

A ticket package is available for $20, which includes the trail, souvenir dog tag and six tickets for games and “very weird” prizes at the creepy carnival.

Military personnel get a $2 discount.

For more information, visit or call 256-615-2339.

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