Fairview Town Council, fire department clash at council meeting

Fairview Mayor Keith Henry listens to guests’ comments at Tuesday evening’s meeting (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

Updated 9-3-19 at 9:04 p.m.

FAIRVIEW, Ala. –  The Fairview Town Council had a light agenda for its monthly meeting, held Tuesday evening instead of the usual Monday, due to the Labor Day holiday. While there were not many items to discuss, the public comments portion of the meeting was heavy.

Dr. Josiah Daily, assistant fire chief of the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department, who owns both the Fairview Quick Stop and The Hutch Restaurant, addressed the council, requesting to have his properties de-annexed from the Town of Fairview.

“Y’all have done nothing to help businesses grow in this community,” he said.

Daily also cited personal attacks and a malpractice accusation he said Mayor Keith Henry made against him at last month’s council meeting.  From his perspective as assistant fire chief, Daily addressed concerns the council had from previous discussions. He then addressed malpractice accusations he said Henry made against him. (Background: www.facebook.com/CullmanTribune/videos/400472020823977/)

“If I remember correctly, Mr. Mayor, you were the one that actually said you witnessed all these events about the malpractice you accused us of providing. As medical director for the fire department, that goes against me personally and my personal medical license in the State of Alabama for that. We do not carry NARCAN (a narcotic which can treat narcotic overdoses) on the trucks. NARCAN would not have worked (with) what this patient had done. We were not the ones to allow the patient to sign the refusal and leave, that was Cullman EMS. I have here the run report that was documented. I was also on the phone with members of the fire department who were on scene during that time.”

Daily continued, “We took care of the patient to the best of our ability and within state protocol we were allowed to take care of this patient. The malpractice accusations that you did were completely false.”

He added, “You’re making accusations of stuff that you knew nothing about.”

Councilman Charles Banister, speaking to the last meeting’s discussion surrounding concerns about the bus parked behind Fairview Fire Station 1, located along Alabama Highway 69, which the council said has been the subject of many complaints from town residents, said of the Fairview VFD’s finances, “What we’re saying is, y’all probably operate off more money than we are, I don’t know, but you’re operating off $40,000, a little here and there can go into that building.”

The bus is occupied by a volunteer fireman who resides at the department. There are living quarters inside the fire station, but Fire Chief Doug Williams has said they’re being used for storing medical records and the showers need to be pulled out and redone.

Daily responded, “You realize that $40,000 out of our operating budget is also for paying for all of our utilities. We have to pay for all of the fuel for the vehicles, we have to pay for maintenance on those vehicles, we also have to pay for certifications done for all those vehicles and to maintain the certifications for all those vehicles. All of that has to be done with that $40,000 operating budget.”

Daily asked if a new lease contract will be signed between the fire department and the Town for Fire Station 1.  Henry said that he will consult an attorney.

Henry also said the council will consult with an attorney on Daily’s de-annexation requests.

The council welcomed another guest, Mike Patton, who approached the council to discuss his plans for a drive-through restaurant in Fairview. Patton said he will be renting the property on the corner of Welcome Road and Wesley Avenue. He said the entrance to the drive through would be on Welcome Road and the exit on Wesley Avenue.

“I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone this evening, and share my business plan,” Patton. “We want to bring a business called Taco Granero to Fairview where it’s a drive-through option for the people of the community, where we’re going to offer fast, affordable food options and we know a lot of people enjoy Mexican food and so we just want to bring that to Fairview.”

No action was taken by the council.

The Fairview Town Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at Fairview Town Hall. The public is welcome.

See the full video of Tuesday’s meeting at www.facebook.com/CullmanTribune/videos/2714328045266368/.

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Mike and Amy Patton at Fairview Town Hall (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

Mike Patton presents his business idea for a new restaurant in Fairview, “Taco Granero” to the Fairview Town Council. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)