Garden City, local churches celebrate freedom with community fireworks show


GARDEN CITY, Ala. – On Sunday evening, Garden City got a jump on the Independence Day holiday by holding a community fireworks show at the town’s park. The event was put on by Garden City Church of God, Garden City First Baptist Church, and Garden City Congregational Church in cooperation with the town government. The fireworks were under the direction of the Garden City Fire Department, supervised by Assistant Chief Joe Griffin.

Mayor Tim Eskew was pleased with the turnout, estimated to be up to 450, telling The Tribune, “Right now, everything’s going real well. We’ve got a real good crowd here tonight. This is a thing we’ve been putting on for a few years; three churches put this on with the city’s help, and it just keeps mushrooming every year.

“It seems like it keeps growing for us, and I’m just really proud of all the citizens here turning out. This is probably the largest turnout we’ve ever had.

“I’m just thrilled to death. All the guys that work for us, they do a great job getting everything ready. The citizens help out. I mean, it’s just one of those things: the community gets together. I mean, no matter what denomination it is, all three churches work together; and it just goes off without a hitch.”