Cullman Parks and Rec cheerleaders honored for performances in national competition

Team members show off their championship rings at Monday’s city council meeting. (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – On Monday evening, the Cullman City Council took time to recognize the national-level achievement of three “Xtreme All Star” cheerleading teams from the Cullman Parks, Recreation and Sports Tourism (CP&R) Cullman Gymnastics and Cheer Academy, including two national championships.

  • The “Skittles” (5-8 years) reached the Champions’ Challenge at nationals, placing them among the top eight Mini Prep 1.1 teams in the nation
  • The “Starbursts” (5-11 years) were named the Youth Prep 2.1 national champions at the U.S. Finals in Pensacola
  • The “Warheads” (6-14 years) were named the Junior Prep 3.2 national champions at the U.S. Finals in Pensacola

CP&R Executive Director Nathan Anderson told the council and audience, “We always have an incredibly competitive cheer team from top to bottom, with every single cheer team we have.  And they always compete well and give it their all.  We have incredible coaches and employees that pour their heart and soul into this thing. You know, every year they’re always one of the top in the country, and they’re always going for that number one spot.

“This year, we were told we had a really good shot at it, so we were hopeful that we would definitely bring home a championship.  But, man, we had two teams that were national champions this year, so we’re really excited about it.

“All the teams competed incredible, but these guys go up against private gyms.  We’re a public-ran organization, and to go up against these private gyms from all over the country and compete at this level is just truly remarkable.  And I’m just so proud; I couldn’t be more proud of you guys for all the hard work and effort, and parents for the support, and our staff- Kristi Patterson and Coach Ashley Wilbanks, and all the other coaches.

“And so, on behalf of Park and Rec and our board, we could not be more proud of you.  This is an exciting time for us.  You’ve represented Cullman well.”

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W.C. Mann