37 Cullman-area students named to Auburn University Dean’s List

Photo courtesy of Auburn.edu

AUBURN, Ala. – Thirty-seven Cullman-area students were named to the Dean’s List (GPA of 3.75 or higher) at Auburn University for the Spring 2019 semester.

  • Mikayla L. Adams, of Logan
  • Tucker O. Adkison, of Vinemont
  • Seth W. Andrews, of Cullman
  • Dalton McKenzie Bright, of Hanceville
  • Libby J. Burroughs, of Cullman
  • James E. Cobbs, of Vinemont
  • Trevor D. Crider, of Vinemont
  • Kacie J. Donaldson, of Cullman
  • Austin M. Heim, of Vinemont
  • Savannah Grace Holmes, of Cullman
  • Katherine E. Hood, of Cullman
  • Brady M. Kent, of Cullman
  • Branch R. Knight, of Cullman
  • Brooke L. Ledbetter, of Cullman
  • Jake A. Lindsey, of Cullman
  • Zebulon P. Little, Jr., of Cullman
  • Erin E. McAdams, of Cullman
  • Molly K. McLeroy, of Cullman
  • Torie M. Novara, of Hanceville
  • Kasey M. Pair, of Cullman
  • Benjamin J. Ratliff, of Cullman
  • Jordan W. Ray, of Cullman
  • Leah A. Shaddix, of Bremen
  • Rachael C. Skinner, of Hanceville
  • Noah M. Stewart, of Cullman
  • Joshua B. Story, of Hanceville
  • Tyler G. Taunton, of Cullman
  • Dylan L. Warner, of Cullman
  • Lydia F. Waters, of Cullman
  • Jordan A. Windham, of Vinemont
  • Kylie Jordan Witcher, of Cullman
  • Nicolas Anthony Young, of Cullman
  • Andrew J. McGehee, of Arley
  • Jesse A. McLeroy, of Double Springs
  • Jordan A. McLeroy, of Double Springs
  • Brittany L. Noe, of Arley
  • Carly Alana Westmoreland, of Addison


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