Wallace State’s Rotaract Club makes donation for ‘Tame the Hunger’ drive

Wallace State’s Rotaract Club recently raised funds to donate to the college’s Future Foundation for “Tame the Hunger” gift cards.


Wallace State Rotaract Club sponsor Terri McGriff-Waldrop is proud of the club’s participation with this drive.

“They have real passion and empathy for their fellow Wallace State students. The club pulled together and within a 24-hour period raised those funds to help support others,” McGriff-Waldrop said. “Our faculty prides itself on our students’ academic success. However, the pride you feel when you see young people giving back to others, not expecting anything in return, is what makes your heart swell. We want our graduates to be good community stewards, and this group has surpassed any expectation I ever had.”

Membership in Wallace State’s Rotaract Club is open to all majors at Wallace State, and the club, already one of the college’s largest, hopes to see even more participants going forward.

For membership info, contact McGriff-Waldrop at 256-352-8072 or terri.waldrop@wallacestate.edu

To learn more about Wallace State, visit www.wallacestate.edu.