A store with a mission: New King’s Home Thrift Store opens in Hanceville

The ribbon was cut on the new King’s Home Thrift Store in Hanceville Thursday. The store takes the place of the old Jimmie Hale Mission store. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The King’s Home Thrift Store held a grand opening celebration in Hanceville Thursday, opening in place of the old Jimmie Hale Mission store. The Hanceville store is one of three in the state. The others are in Pinson and Eastwood. All three stores support King’s Home, a nonprofit which serves hundreds of youth, women and children seeking refuge, hope and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness and other difficult and impoverished conditions and circumstances.  

Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail shared, “We’re proud that they’re here, and this is a large building; of course, you never want a large building in your city to be empty, so I think this usually has done a lot of business here. You get some great buyers, and you know I think it helps a great organization. We just hope our folks will come out and support them, and like I said, there’s a lot of good products here. I like to repurpose things; I don’t like to throw things away.”

Before Thursday’s ribbon cutting, King’s Home President Lew Burdette spoke to the store employees and Hanceville City Council, saying, “This was a match made in Heaven; (the) Jimmie Hale Mission, I’ve been friends with (Jimmie Hale Mission Executive Director) Tony Cooper for years and years and years, he called me over a year ago and said Jimmie Hale Mission wanted out of the thrift business and I said, ‘Well great, we want in the thrift business.’ We are proud to be here, we hope you enjoy the changes that we’ve made here.”

Burdette said of King’s Home’s mission: “We have 22 residential group homes for abused youth and moms and kids. They can come and start over in life, dream big; they can do anything. King’s Home has 12 homes for teenagers and 10 homes for adult mothers with children fleeing domestic violence.”

All three King’s Home stores support King’s Home residents.

King’s Home Thrift in Hanceville is located at 306 Main St. SE. The store is open Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Donations are accepted until 4 p.m.

Find out more at www.kingshome.com.

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