Southern Ghost Girls tour coming to Rumors Deli Jan. 12


Heather Lawrence and Lesley Ann, the Southern Ghost Girls (contributed)

CULLMAN – The Southern Ghost Girls will kick off their 2019 tours on Jan. 12 at Rumors Deli in Cullman. The tours will include an interactive investigation that allows guests to operate the different types of equipment they often see used on popular television paranormal shows. The tours are at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online on the group’s website. The 6 tour is quite full, but the 8 p.m. tour still has places available.

Southern Ghost Girls founder and paranormal investigator Lesley Ann is excited for people to join her in this experience.

She said, “We have a great time. We are different than many ghost tours where you walk around with flashlights to different locations and just hear the stories. With us, you get to participate in a real investigation and we have caught some amazing activity. Those on the tours will get to use our equipment and ask questions. I feel when we have a big tour, the energy all the people bring into the location enhances the experience.” 

Michael Sapp with Alabama Sweet TV will also be on hand at the Rumors' investigation live-streaming the event. 

Wednesday night, Lesley Ann and her team filmed their third episode of their Southern Ghost Girls program on Alabama Sweet TV. They were on location at the Civil War Museum in West Point. Lesley Ann and fellow investigator Heather Lawrence dress in period appropriate attire when conducting an investigation. Wednesday, they dressed in Civil War era dresses in hopes of attracting more responses from the ghosts and spirits they say are at the location. 

Lesley Ann has a vast arsenal of equipment she uses when investigating, including voice recorders, spirit boxes, SLS camera, EMF detectors, KII meters, thermal cameras and a Boo Bear equipped with EMF detectors used as a trigger object.

Stressed Lesley Ann, “We don’t do anything dark or deal with any demonic-type situations like you may see others do on television. We consider ourselves to be a family-friendly event, although parents may want to use discretion. We do have children come on our tours.”

The reaction to the Southern Ghost Girls has surprised Lesley Ann, who was worried about what people might think about the paranormal.

“Most people have been enthusiastic and supportive, and I think the popularity of shows like ‘Ghost Adventures’ has helped people be more open on the topic and helped people to talk about their own experiences. I have had the most exciting time doing this and have been so happy. I have met and been around so many people with the same interests.”

The hope for 2019 is to offer two tours per month to allow people to join in on an investigation. Locations are still being looked into and booked throughout Cullman and surrounding areas. For more information on the ghost tours or to purchase tickets for the upcoming investigation at Rumors Deli, visit the Southern Ghost Girls Facebook Page at  or visit their website at

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