Woofing for the weekend: Area businesses ‘employing’ family dogs to bring charm to work


Auggie, at Book & Barrel Outfitters, is the Warehouse District’s official cat herder.

CULLMAN – You may have a noticed a wonderful trend happening throughout our local business community. Many business owners are bringing their pets to work. Good Hope Pharmacy and Book & Barrel Outfitters are just two of many places that have dogs to help bring smiles to their customers.

Remy is a 3-year-old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon who accompanies his owner, Patrick Brown, to work at Good Hope Pharmacy.

Smiled Brown, “People love coming by to see Remy and the kids who visit the new clinic in the back get so excited when they see him.”

Remy is considered part of the staff. His coworkers are more than happy to take him out for breaks. The pharmacy’s customers often bring Remy treats and love his gentle nature. 

“I did lots of research before deciding on the breed of dog that was best for me,” said Brown. “Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are hunting dogs and Remy and I do enjoy duck hunting. His temperament is actually a bit shy. Remy’s father was a master hunter and won best in breed at Westminster.”

Book & Barrel Outfitters in Cullman’s Warehouse District has three dogs, and according to owner Johnann Moore, “People stop in all the time just to see the dogs.”

The top dog is Gigi, a 7-year-old Yorkie. She is tasked with keeping 3-year-old Winston, also a Yorkie, and 1-year-old Auggie, an Aussiedoodle, in line. 

Gigi is “the doorbell” when she isn’t napping in her countertop bed. Winston is “the greeter” but also spends his lunch hour napping. Auggie is “customer service” as he loves to stand at the gate and say hello to everyone. 

Gigi and Winston belong to Stuart and Johnann Moore and Auggie belongs to their daughter, Morgan.

Shared Morgan, “They all three live together and Auggie and Winston are BFFs. Auggie thinks he is a little dog like Winston and tries to sit in our laps.”

Johnann added, “Auggie will walk around with Winston. He will pick Winston up with his mouth by his harness. They play all the time.” 

Auggie specializes in cat herding. Allie the cat, who works across the street at Handbags & Gladrags, loves to go outside. Some days she does not come back when it’s time to go home, but Auggie knows what to do.

Johnann laughed, “Auggie will go out and find Allie and he will chase her back to the store. It’s like a game for him and Allie.”

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