Fairview Elementary students enjoy house party

Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune

Fairview Elementary students, faculty and staff gather together, showing off their new T-shirts, at the school Friday morning. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

FAIRVIEW – The Aggies at Fairview Elementary participated in an exciting house party Friday morning. This year, the students have been put into five different houses and will compete for points in different competitions throughout the school year.

Assistant Principal Caleb Elrod said, “This is a way to encourage interaction between the different grade levels and for our older kids to demonstrate leadership to their classmates and younger students.”

Faculty, staff and students were randomly assigned a house and were given different colored shirts to represent each house:

Gold House- Patience

Gray House- Respect

White House- Integrity

Black (Charcoal) House- Determination

Purple House- Excellence 

The fifth-grade was brought outside to the front of the school where Principal Marty Hardman spoke to the students on the importance of exhibiting great character, saying, “You all are the elementary school seniors and you might not notice, but the other kids are all looking up to you. It’s important that you always do your best, be good leaders, and show them the right way.”

Kindergarten through fourth grade students then came outside to join the elementary seniors. The kids were having a great time dancing to music and waiting to finally find out what their new shirts and party were all about. After a brief introduction to the five houses and the character qualities each house represents, the students realized that the houses combined spell P-R-I-D-E! The kids showed their Aggie pride as they met their new house members. 

A fifth-grade girl and boy were chosen from each house to serve as leaders based on outstanding character demonstrated throughout their years at Fairview Elementary:

Gold House leaders are Abby Roberson and Kolt Redding.

Gray House leaders are Rachel York and Jose Martin.

White House leaders are Emily Moore and Walker Johnson.

Black House leaders are Sophia Calvarese and Jack Haynes.

Purple House leaders are Kinzey Sizemore and Blake Barnett.

Cullman County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette addressed the students: “I look forward to coming back throughout the year and keeping up with the competition. I think this is a great idea and will be fun. We are also announcing a challenge to all of you for September. Every student with perfect attendance for the entire month of September will have their name entered for a drawing. We will draw for prizes like Alabama football tickets, UAB football tickets, gift cards, a kayak, and we hope to maybe have a PlayStation,” he said, to an eruptions of screams of excitement from the kids.

The teams then participated in their first competition: a game of Over and Under. The Black House won and was awarded the first 10 points of the year. 

House leaders spoke with The Tribune before returning to class:

Emily Moore and Kinzey Sizemore both loved the idea.

Blake Barnett said, “I think this will be fun and really help our school.”

Rachel York said of her new leader role, “I want to help show my team that we can be nice and respectful while having a lot of fun.”

Jose Martin was a bit nervous when he heard his name called, saying, “I’m nervous but very excited. Being selected is nice.”

Jack Haynes was very optimistic adding, “We have great leaders and I know we will excel.”

Gold House leaders Kolt Redding and Abby Roberson both had faces painted in bold Aggie purple and gold.

Kolt said, “We have a lot of pride! I am happy to be able to show others and help others.”

Abby agreed with Kolt, “This will benefit our school. We have a chance to help these Kindergartners to become leaders. We have to do our best, so they learn to be good. They will then do the same when they are in fifth grade.”

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