PREP CROSS COUNTRY: St. Bernard girls, Cold Springs boys, Holly Pond’s Chambers take 1st-place honors at Pepsi XC Challenge

Photo courtesy of Anita Clayton

The Cold Springs Eagles came in first in the 5K run for small schools on Saturday in Moulton at the Pepsi XC Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Anita Clayton)

MOULTON – Several local cross-country squads made their way to H.A. Alexander Park Saturday morning to compete in the eighth annual Pepsi XC Challenge. Fairview, Holly Pond, Cold Springs and St. Bernard all had teams in the field.

In the Girls’ Small School Division, St. Bernard took first place with a total time of 2:03:40.05 and just 67 points. Cold Springs was not far behind, finishing in third place with a total time of 2:05:27.38 and 94 points, while Holly Pond came in just behind them in fourth place. Holly Pond finished with a total time of 2:06:24.07 and 112 points, and Holly Pond’s Camilla Chambers finished in first place individually with a time of 20:20.37.

Over in the Boys’ Small School Division, Cold Springs finished more than five minutes ahead of Fairview to take first place with a time of 1:34:00.24 and just 51 total points. Fairview came in second place with a time of 1:39:49.06 and 117 points. St. Bernard and Holly Pond rounded out the top four, finishing in third and fourth place, respectively. St. Bernard posted a time of 1:39:16.69 with 119 points, while Holly Pond came in at a time of 1:41:29.49 with 147 points.

Cold Springs also had boys’ and girls’ junior varsity teams competing in the 2-mile run event. The Lady Eagles finished in fifth place with a total time of 1:19:49.66 and 138 points, while the Eagles placed ninth with a time of 1:13:07.34 and 243 points.

Girls’ individual times

Holly Pond

1st place, Camilla Chambers. 20:20.37

25th place, Abigail Kusz. 25:20.52

41st place, Maritza Ramon. 26:32.85

43rd place, Madison Frnka. 26:51.44

46th place, Emma Grace Daniel. 27:18.89

52nd place, Kirsten Campbell. 27:49.09

53rd place, Kaitlyn Griffin. 27:51.81

Cold Springs

3rd place, Ava Akridge. 21:35.65

11th place, Ashleigh White. 23:38.90

16th place, Alyssa Jackson. 24:38.29

26th place, Sadie Terry. 25:23.99

75th place, Emma Collett. 30:10.55

St. Bernard

8th place, Chloe Tumbo. 23:29.04

10th place, Claire Sanders. 23:36.50

15th place, Emma Powell. 24:35.06

30th place, Lizbeth Medina. 25:40.36

35th place, Sara Barck. 26:19.09

36th place, Kathleen George. 26:21.97

63rd place, Aria McMillan. 28:35.98

66th place, Gracie Loyd. 29:04.89

Boys’ individual times

Holly Pond

20th place, Parker Sellers. 19:43.21

21st place, Conner Lowery. 19:44.58

23rd place, Zackery Reynolds. 19:51.63

29th place, Christopher Putman. 20:07.15

67th place, Seth Self. 22:02.92

96th place, Caleb Partain. 23:11.63

121st place, Kolton Guthrie. 24:35.91

125th place, Andy Light. 24:54.23

129th place, Austin Marsh. 25:01.87

130th place, Reese Hightower. 25:09. 98

145th place, Hunter Farr. 27:42.94

153rd place, Charlie Huddleston. 29:01.87

162nd place, Caleb Knedlik. 36:14.45

St. Bernard

4th place, Caleb Guthery. 18:15.63

6th place, Joey McCarthy. 18:31.34

24th place, Francis Mami. 19:55.07

36th place, Joseph Arriaga. 20:51.77

59th place, Nikolas Borths. 21:42.88

68th place, David De Jesus. 22:08.42

75th place, Francisco Tona. 22:17.89

81st place, Daniel Bamberry. 22:33.06

114th place, Jiovany Aguilar-Arriaga. 24:12.17

147th place, Cesar Hernandez. 27:54.05


16th place, Peyton Bailey. 19:15.61

17th place, A.B. Diaz. 19:25.04

19th place, Daniel Cook. 19:34.94

30th place, Keagan Hardin. 20:21.59

47th place, Will Butler. 21:11.88

80th place, Austin Lowe. 22:32.75

Cold Springs

5th place, Cole Akridge. 18:17.12

9th place, Jonathan Collett. 18:37.79

11th place, Seth Walker. 18:41.56

13th place, Aaron Spurger. 18:54.35

18th place, Will Grimmett. 19:29.42

32nd place, Hunter Calvert. 20:31.57

74th place, Slade Johnson. 22:17.66

Cold Springs junior varsity girls

3rd place, Reagan Parris. 14:06.31

28th place, Emma Hancock. 15:37.54

30th place, Ciara Calvert. 15:57.68

43rd place, Allison White. 16:48.93

50th place, Madison Perdue. 17:19.20

Cold Springs junior varsity boys

28th place, Brody Belcher. 13:12.79

53rd place. Jayden Allred. 14:03.66

78th place, Cameron Nunn. 15:11.45

79th place, Argin Dooley. 15:12.08

89th place, Justin Caffee. 15:27.36

121st place, Noah Crandall. 16:53.99

122nd place, Grey Johnson. 16:54.65

129th place, Kaiden Graves. 17:08.44

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