‘Pops for a purpose’: Frios open in downtown Cullman


Frios Gourmet Pops Owner Kristy Keiffer, right, and an employee hold a sign for the new shop Friday. (Andrew Cryer for The Tribune)

CULLMAN – Few things are greater than a delicious, frozen treat on a summer day in Alabama—and none were found as local economic and government officials were packed tighter than a box of popsicles in celebration of Cullman’s own Frios Gourmet Pops on Friday. Frios has been operational in town for a few months, thanks to owners Kristy and Jay Keiffer, who first sold their pops from a cart in April. Business was popping, and Frios quickly grew to occupy a storefront in June with an official opening at July’s 2nd Fridays event. Friday marked the celebration of Frios joining the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce, members of which were on hand to welcome the business to the Warehouse District.

Director of Membership & Marketing for the Chamber, Magan Bartlett, noted the uniqueness of Frios and the growing diversity of businesses coming into Cullman.

“We’re excited that they’re adding something unique to Cullman’s uniqueness,” smiled Bartlett.

Frios features more than 80 flavors with as many as 20 to 30 flavors in rotation at any given time, alongside seasonal delights. As for ingredients, Kristy Keiffer noted that all berries and watermelon used are from Alabama and that the milk used is from Working Cows Dairy located in Slocomb, Alabama.

The Keiffers first began their operation to raise funds for mission trips, but as business has grown, so has their mission.

Said Kristy Keiffer, “We donate 100 percent of proceeds. Every purchase is being sent back not only to our city but our county, state and around the world. We’re pops for a purpose.”

The Keiffers own the franchise rights to operate in Florence, Decatur, Cullman and the Smith Lake area. Another storefront location has been established in Florence in recent months.

Kristy Keiffer thanked everyone in attendance for coming to the celebration but noted that the true “pop stars” of the day and of the business were her workers.

Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs seemed more excited than a kid in a candy shop. Said Jacobs, with pop in hand, “They’re going to do well here. I love popsicles!”

Frios is located at 111 First St. NE.

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