Bronco Tiny Twirlers Camp June 18-22


HOLLY POND – The Holly Pond Bronco Band will be hosting a summer camp for any Kindergarten through fifth-grade students from any school who want to learn baton twirling. Bronco Tiny Twirlers Camp will be held June 18-22 from 8 a.m. to noon each day that week, with a performance and awards ceremony at 11:30 on Friday.

Students are encouraged to bring their own batons, but the camp will purchase batons for anyone who does not have one for an extra $25. Anyone who needs a baton should inform the camp before June 4.

Registration fees are $50 for one child, $75 for two and $100 for three (per household), and the fees will also pay for a camp T-shirt, snack and drink each day.

Parents can visit for more information or pre-register here.

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