Congratulations to the Fairview High School Class of 2018!


Congratulations to the Fairview High School Class of 2018!

Top left:

Row one (left to right): Matthew Carpenter, Isaac Brown, Truman Boyd, Austin Bartlett, Emily Campbell and Hope Bowen

Row two: Jack Chandler, Dawson Campbell, Adam Barnett, Lacey Abner, Maegan Anders and Sam Burgess

Row three: Scoot Bennett, Jeremy Cloud, Mason Atchley, Taylor Brown, Tiffany Berry, Patience Carden and Ashleigh Childers

Top center:

Row one, (left to right): Alivia Gambrill, Shayla Denney, Daylia Dean, Chris Golden, Hannah Dempster and Katie Golden

Row two: Parker Gothard, Brayden Dugins, Bryson Fletcher, Garrett Dunn, Jordan Earwood and Kailey Goble

Row three: Bridgette Duke, Cody Fallin, Cameron Guthrie, Lizabet Diaz, Clayton Delaware and Isabelle Garlowich

Top right:

Row one, (left to right): Averie Harris, Kyndal Harper, Valentina Klocker, Ally Hogeland, Anna Ingram, Jenifer Huerta and Savannah Hankins

Row two: Anna Hampton, Tre Kenney, Kennedy Howard, Devon Hodges, Jacob Hill, Grant Howard and Blake Kent

Row three: Tyler Jones, Devin Hollis, Ethan Holland, Cash Hanson, Dylan Harper and Klay Knop

Bottom left:

Row one, (left to right): Maria Martel, Beth Ozbolt, Matthew Moore, Sydney Linton, Caleb Patterson and Alicia Murphree

Row two: Jenica Oren, Alex McDonald, Paci Martin, Madysen Parker and Robyn Phillips

Row three: Samuel Moylan, Katelyn Neely, Justin McDonald, Mason Maze and Hunter McKelvy

Bottom center:

Row one, (left to right): Logan Schnittker, Kaylee Roberts, Taylor Robinson, Mason Rauch and Abby Schnittker

Row two: Jacqueline Reyes, Ellisa Rogers, Tevie Smith, Kayla Ramey and Britt Rayl

Row three: Colton Smith, Lane Schnittker, Erick Reza and CeCe Semadeni

Bottom right:

Row one, (left to right): Hunter Yeager, Tyler Williams, McKinna Yearwood, Abbie Yancy, Lorin Zehr and John Whitehead

Row two: Lauryn Tankersley, Abbi Taylor, Taylor Ann Yeager, Jessica Veal, Avory Taylor and Austin Wilson

Row three: Amanda Thompson, Katie Tucker, Austin Whitt, Eric Taylor and Johnathan Waldrop

(Sullivan Photography)

Graduation is Saturday, May 26, 2018, at 6 p.m. at Wallace State Community College’s Tom Drake Coliseum.

The faculty and staff of Fairview High School would like to congratulate the class of 2018 on their upcoming graduation. As always, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.”
Christopher Gambrill, principal, Fairview High School

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