Garden City approves changes to water rates


The Garden City Town Council this week approved an ordinance that changes water rates. (Heather Mann for The Tribune)

GARDEN CITY – The Garden City Town Council at its meeting this week approved changes to its water rates.

The council approved Ordinance 2018-220, which implements different water rates for customers inside and outside town limits. It also changes installation costs from one flat fee to being based on the cost of equipment and labor involved.

Inside town limits: Rates for the first 2,000 gallons are $21 for a 3/4” meter $25 for a 1” meter, $32 for 1.5”, and $40 for 2”. There will be a $9 charge for each additional 1,000 gallons no matter the size of the meter.

Outside town limits: Rates for the first 2,000 gallons are $23 for 3/4”, $28 for 1”, $35 for 1.5” and $43 for 2”. Each additional 1000 gallons costs $10.

In other business:

– The council approved $1,400 to be paid for the town hall’s newly-renovated floors.

– The council appointed a new city worker to a permanent position after her 90-day probation period ended.

– The council heard the first reading of a proposed amendment to the business license code, which would change the definition of a business – “any occupation including renting or leasing two or more residential or non-residential real estate for profit or gain” – by changing “two or more” to “any” and adding an exception to someone renting only one single-family dwelling.

– The council approved a resolution to abide by the Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Program, which requires abiding municipalities to list any changes that need to be made regarding water cleanliness.

– The council approved an application for a crisis grant to install a protective railroad crossing.

– The council approved the purchase of a new lift pump.

With election day only two weeks away, the council also welcomed candidates Martha Williams, Tammy Brown and Garlan Gudger to speak.

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