Files from Yesteryear: 1933, 1955 and 1992


From the Files of 1933:

The Hi-Y Club of Cullman High School was organized in 1929. This club is a Christian organization promoting clean speech, clean thoughts and clean athletics. Only boys of high character are invited to join. Officers for the present year are: president, Alvin Camp, vice-president, Norman Bender, secretary, Rob Roy Latta and treasurer, Athel Hyatt.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Calvert, of Bremen, attended the birthday dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Will Calvert’s at Brushy Pond, on Sunday.

Misses Ruby, Grace and Hazel Sandlin, Altie Pearson and Mathlee Wilson spent Sunday with Misses Essie, Bessie and Tressie Stricklin.

Carl Calvert, of Brushy Pond was the Saturday night visitor of Lowton Willoughby.

Mrs. Opal Veenstra, of Florida, is spending a few weeks with Mrs. Ella Doss and family.

Reverend Harvey Edwards, of Prospect, preached at Valley Springs, last Saturday.

Mrs. John Rimel visited her brother, Oscar Compton, at Arkadelphia, last week. Miss Clara Mae Compton visited in Hanceville, on Saturday afternoon.

Those elected to the National Honor Society at Cullman High School for last semester of 1933 were: Dorothy Reinstadler, Ella Schuman, Clema Self, Betty Stiefelmeyer and Wynelle Taylor.

Reverend Virgil Sizemore, of Holly Pond, spent Thursday with Reverend M.H. Love and family, at Longview. Reverend M.H. Love is attending the Bible school at the Baptist church in west Cullman.

Mr. and Mrs. Novie Chaney, of Cullman, were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Howard recently.

Some of the early gardeners are braving the cold to set out cabbage and onion plants.

The Judge Tankersley family has moved to the Ebenezer community.

I couldn’t wait for success so I went on without it.

From the Files of 1955:

George John Beyer, age 75, who served two terms as mayor of Cullman in the early 1900’s, died in Birmingham, on Monday. Mr. Beyer was retired from the hardware business.

Returning home after two years of military service in Alaska are Corporal Leo Hasenbein and Corporal Louis Hasenbein, twin sons of the Frank Hasenbeins.Garley C. Chapman, Police Chief in Cullman is happy with the new speed limits.

Dane Estes, age 20, of Holly Pond is pictured in a wheelchair. Dane was stricken with polio, last February 13th while playing basketball for Saint Bernard College. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norris Estes.

The building committee for Trinity Evangelical Church in Hanceville is Albert Burkart, C.T. Burkart, Paul Fox, Henry Fuchs, Albert Jochum, Edwin McNutt, Herbert Michelfelder, G.W. Thom, Henry Warren and Otto Michelfelder. Reverend C. Burkart organized the church in 1885.

The registered Hampshire Hog sale will be held at Ponder Warehouse, on February 6th.

Reverend Sim Calvert is pastor of Bethany Baptist Church and is teaching a Bible study this week.

J.A. Perdue has opened a store at Wheat in the L.H. Perdue Storehouse.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cobb and boys are spending the winter in Florida.

Herbert Otto Reinhardt and Alma Edith Marie Richter were married, on January 20th.

Mrs. Marvin Ashwander and Miss Dorothy Jackson spent Thursday in Birmingham.

Doctor and Mrs. Allen Gray, of Schnectady, New York, announce the birth of a daughter, on January 16th. Doctor Gray is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Gray.

From the Files of 1992:

Jack Sides Returns To Cullman

Former Cullman Mayor Jack Sides and likely Mayoral candidate this year, has returned to Cullman from a Birmingham Hospital, following treatment in a coronary care unit. Sides will return to Birmingham for additional tests to be sure he does not have arterial blockage in about a month. The Cullman business man is apparently feeling better than he has in months. Welcome home, Jack!

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