Files from Yesteryear: 1940


From the Files of 1940:

Hanceville Happenings

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Chappell and daughter, Gail and Mrs. M.T. Coniff, of Birmingham and Mrs. M.G. Little, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Longshore, on Sunday.

Dock Thomas was called to Houlka, Mississippi, on Monday, because of the illness of his brother.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Green visited the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Green at Garden City.

Jimmy Kelly spent Thursday at Hartselle.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerome Hardin and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mann attended the funeral of Floyd Suggs, in Decatur, on Saturday.

Mrs. J.W. Wood spent Monday and Tuesday in Birmingham.

Miss Aline Absher, of Nashville, Tennessee, spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Betty Horton, enroute to Dallas, Texas.

Miss Virginia Moore, of Auburn, visited Mrs. Cecil Towles, on Saturday.

Miss Leona Peinhardt spent the weekend at Cullman.

Mrs. Fred Gibbs, of Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee was the guest of relatives last weekend. She was accompanied to Nashville by her mother, Mrs. S.O. Quattlebaum.

Mrs. Rush Johnson was carried to the Cullman Hospital, on Tuesday, with a severe throat injury.

Mrs. Albert Thom has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Henry Ratliff, at Hayden.

Miss Mary Wood, of Auburn, spent the weekend with her parents, Doctor and Mrs. J.W. Wood.

Mrs. Gertis Hines is improving after an illness of several days. Her mother, Mrs. Moore, of Gadsden, has been visiting her.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis, of Birmingham, spent the weekend with relatives.

Miss Lucille Garlington, of Birmingham, has recently been added to the Grammar School faculty.

41-Year Cold Record
Almost Broken Sunday
16 Below Recorded
On Sunday Morning

Reverend Gabriel Germann, O.S.B., who has charge of the official weather instruments at Saint Bernard College and who no doubt has answered an unusual number of questions concerning the weather, of late, reported today that his readings, taken in the mornings, before 7 o’clock, show Sunday to have been the coldest during the “spell” with a low of 16 below the zero mark.

On Friday the mercury ran down to minus 5, on Saturday minus 12, on Monday, 15 above (31 degrees higher than the preceding morning), on Tuesday, 22 and on Wednesday, 8.

Unofficial, but dependable reports claim this to be the coldest weather in the county since 1899, when it is remembered to have gone down to 17 below, however, even then, the temperature fluctuated greatly from day to day, never nearly touching that low again.


After a thorough discussion of the closing of the high school gymnasium, to public dances, it was voted unanimously that the City Pastor’s Union favor the action of the Trustees of Cullman County High School, in their action of closing the gymnasium to all public dances.

At this meeting of the Pastor’s Union, held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the following were present: Doctor R.B. Lavender, Doctor John Marion, Reverend Ralph Saunders, Reverend J. Brown and Reverend Theo Mehl.

Plans were made for “A Christ Centered Crusade,” which will begin within a few weeks in most of the Protestant churches in Cullman.


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