Cullman Lions donate $25K to Cullman Caring for Kids


Cullman Caring for Kids Executive Director Javon Daniel receives a check for $25,615.07 for the food bank, surrounded by fellow Lions who have assisted his program. / W.C. Mann

CULLMAN – On Monday evening, the Cullman Lions Club presented to Javon Daniel a check for Cullman Caring for Kids (CCK) in the amount of $25,615.07.  Club President Bill Ruehl made the presentation during the Lions’ regular meeting at All Steak, surrounded by fellow Lions who had participated in CCK fundraising activities in the last year.

Ruehl told the audience, “Through these Lions, their hard work and diligence, working with the community, asking to help them out . . . they have worked hard this year.  The club was proud to match what they collected with a check of $10,000.  So we have a gift for Cullman Caring for Kids to give to Javon Daniel tonight for $25,615.07 . . . Gentlemen, y’all have done well this year.  Cullman Caring for Kids I know has appreciated it.”

After accepting the check, Daniel told his fellow Lions, “(I) just want to say that, because of the Lions Club, there were children who went to bed tonight with food in their stomach.  Because of the Lions Club, there were young mothers who had food in the house for their children.  Because of the Lions Club, a handicapped man was able to feed his family.  And because of the Lions Club, an elderly lady won’t have to make the choice this month between food and medicine.  God bless each and every one of you.  There is nothing more I could say that would mean as much as ‘Thank you.’”

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