PREP BASKETBALL: Broncos take consolation win; schedule for Jan. 2-5


Holly Pond 60, Rowen County (KY) 42 (Boys)

The Holly Pond Broncos left Tennessee Saturday with the consolation bracket crown after defeating Rowan County (Kentucky) in the consolation round of the King of the Smokies Tournament in Pigeon Forge.

Zach Shaw led Holly Pond (15-3) with 16 points. Griffin Morris and McKinley Garrett each had 12 and Jake Harris ended up with eight. The Broncos will travel to Susan Moore Thursday.

Upcoming games

Jan. 2:
Cullman @ Guntersville (9B, JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
James Clemens @ Fairview (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
Good Hope @ West Point (9B, JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
Falkville @ Vinemont (JVB, VG, VB)
Meek @ Oakman (JVB, VG, VB)

Jan. 4:
Winston County @ Addison (JHG, JHB, VG, VB)
Cold Springs @ Hanceville (VB, VG)
Dora @ Good Hope (9B, JVB, VG, VB)
Marion County @ Meek (JVB, VB)

Jan. 5:
Lynn @ Addison (JHG, JHB, VG, VB)
Cullman @ Albertville (9B, JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
Fairview @ West Point (9B, JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
Hanceville @ Carbon Hill (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
Holly Pond @ Susan Moore (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)
West End @ Vinemont (JVB, VG, VB)
Meek @ Brilliant (JVG, JVB, VG, VB)

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