Files from Yesteryear: 1903 and 1933


From the Files of 1903:

Fred Betz is building two cottages for rent.

Miss Julia Bauer went to New Orleans on Tuesday, to attend the carnival.

C.A. Stiefelmeyer and W.H. Heck left this week for Northern markets.

Reverend C.E. Sheibe and John Engel left on Tuesday, to a conference in New Orleans.

Doctor and Mrs. W.H. Martin  and pretty little daughter, of Hanceville, were in the city, shopping, yesterday.

Ernest Hancock makes a meal which can’t be excelled.

E.R. Foot, of Vinemont, was in town this week.

L.J. Baver, of Gade, was in this mountain city on Thursday.

Sherman Speegle left on Thursday for his new position, in Wylam.

C.P. Lynch, of Trimble, was in town yesterday and extended his subscription for another year.

V.E. Gober and brother, Joseph, have returned to Joppa, from Gadsden and will make a crop there this year.

A  daughter  was  born to  Mr.  and Mrs. W.A. Screws, of Etha, last week.

M. Shaw is a merchant, at Dreher. Charley Duke is spending this week,  in Birmingham.

Professor A.J. Bland is ill.

B.F  Hancock,  P.A. and  O.O. Lynch, E.C. Chatham and J.K. Williamson went on a successful hunt on Monday.

C.B. Livingston is now agent for the Chattanooga Steam Laundry.

Cullen Gay, of Leander, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Shelly Bland, on Saturday.

The people of Loretto are well-pleased with the new Rural Free Delivery

From the Files of 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Tilford Clark entertained at a dinner party, honoring Misses Vivian and Gwen Coleman, of Birmingham, on Tuesday.

William J. Turner, eldest son of J.K. Turner, of Hanceville, received a broken leg last week, when a tree he was felling split and fell on Mr. Turner.

S.D. Davis, of Crane Hill, died suddenly last week, while cutting wood near his home.

Billy Jean Ragsdale was honored at a party celebrating his eleventh birthday on Saturday.

The Hanceville Home Economics Club program on February 10th was presented by Dorothy McAnnally, Doris Chamblee, Helen Gray and Freda Fox.

New deacons recently elected by the First Baptist congregation include: M.L. Robertson, Mayor J.A. Dunlap, V.D. Kennamer, Doctor G.W. Bledsoe, Judge Homer F. Mitchell, Walter Herrell, Finis Saint John, Junior, Walter Taylor, Roy Smith, Professor Virgil Collins and L.A. Bailey. Doctor Neal, president of Howard College, delivered the ordination sermon for them, last Sunday morning.

Misses Dorothy Fuller and Mary Sue McAdory were joint hostesses at the Harry Fuller home on February 14th, at Valentine dance. Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Robertson  led  the  grand  march. Those attending the party were Misses Myrtle Wise, Evelyn Grey McAdory, Elizabeth Robinson, Kathryn Herrell, Eloise Hyatt, Betty Stiefelmeyer, Beverley  Green, Grace Wunderlich, the hostesses and Messers Melvin Eddleman, Roy Ward, Louis and Jack Vogel, George Stiefelmeyer, Charles Thomason, Bob York, Duke White, James Karam, Bob Bryan, William Henry Ziegler, Walter Guthrie, Warner Stanley, Rob Roy Latta, Theodore Meyer, Clyde Ward, E.J. Matthews, Cletus Daniel, Ralph Kelhoffer, Harry and Dwight Fuller and Walter McBride.

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