Mayor Jacobs recognizes 40th anniversary of Cullman Lioness Club

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Leanne West

Pictured L-R: Lioness Judy Waldrep (board of directors), Lioness Mary Daniel (2nd vice president), Mayor Woody Jacobs, Lioness Jane Rooker (president) and Lioness Penny Burkett (treasurer)

CULLMAN –  Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs recently presented members of the Cullman Lioness Club with a certificate honoring the club for its 40th anniversary. Lionesses on hand to receive the certificate from Jacobs were President Jane Rooker, 2nd Vice President Mary Daniel, Treasurer Penny Burkett and board member Judy Waldrep.

Jacobs expressed appreciation for the Cullman Lioness Club for all of its contributions to our community over the past 40 years.

“The members of the Cullman Lioness Club have faithfully and honorably adhered to their purposes by providing community assistance whenever needed, willingly giving both time and talents to make Cullman a better place for one and all,” said Jacobs in the certificate. “The Cullman Lioness Club has always been committed to helping the blind, assisting other service clubs and charities, helping individuals in need, awarding college scholarships to local students, and more.”

Waldrep provided the following background on the Cullman Lioness Club:

The first Lioness Club in north Alabama was organized on April 4, 1977, in Cullman, Alabama. The Cullman Lioness Club was granted a state and international charter on June 20, 1977. The first club meeting was held at the Palomino Restaurant. At a Cullman Lions Club meeting on June 20, 1977, Max Merrill, district governor-elect from the Hartselle Lions Club, presented the Lioness Certificate of Organization to the club’s 52 charter members. The Cullman Lioness Club was sponsored by the Cullman Lions Club. Every member of the Cullman Lioness Club, on June 20, 1977, was the wife of a Cullman Lion. C.P. Martin served as the first Cullman Lions Club/Lioness Club liaison. In 1977, Cullman Lioness Club President Johnny Hesterley gave special recognition to Lion Odie Johnson, who served as president when the Cullman Lioness Club was organized. Johnson and other Lions Club members helped the Cullman Lioness Club obtain a charter. The Cullman Lioness Club is recognized for its work with the Cullman Lions Club and with Alabama Lions Sight.

“The city of Cullman appreciates the service of the Cullman Lioness Club,” said Jacobs. “We wish them many more years of service!”

For more information regarding the Cullman Lioness Club, contact Waldrep at 256-347-0361.