Files from Yesteryear: 1936 and 1956


From the Files of 1936:

The E.C. Kinney Store, at Blount Springs, was robbed of about $100.00 worth of flour, lard, etc. on Monday  night.

The Cullman Ice Factory has been awarded the contract to ice all Fruit Growers Exchange Cars for this strawberry season. Heretofore the  cars had been iced, either in Boyles  or  Decatur.

Mrs. R.J. Fuller announces the marriage of her daughter, Christine to James M. Smith, in Decatur, on December 28th, 1935.

Married on February 9th were Miss Velma Dean Taylor and Gerry Lynn.

Miss Gladys Tankersley is recovering from an appendectomy she underwent in Decatur, recently.

Mrs. Max Luther and little daughters, of Albertville, are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay Smith.

Miss Florence Hurston is spending this week in Clarksville, Tennessee, with her sister, Mrs. Billy Dunlap, Junior.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Baker, at Hulaco, burned on Wednesday night. Only a few furnishings were saved.


From the Files of 1956:

Cullman County Boy Scouts And Cubs Will Celebrate 46th Anniversary

Twenty Boy Scouts and two Cub Packs of Cullman County are joining others over the nation in celebrating the 46th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, February 6th-12th.

Among special awards received by local people last year were Eagle Scout Award to Joe Hinkle and Edwin King, all of Troop 241; God and Country Awards to Charles Henkey, of Troop 219 and President’s Streamer Award to Scoutmasters, Glenn Adderhold, Leon Poole and Reverend Edwin King.

District officers of the Scout movement here are: William H. Wachter, chairman, Wilfred Tucker, vice-chairman, W.J. Edwards, commissioner, J. Paul Martin, advance chairman, C.L. Burke, finance chairman, L.W. Yates and J.Y. Moultrie, organization and extension chairmen, Ed Turner, leadership training chairman and Carl   Stiefelmeyer,   Doctor   Frank  Stitt, H.G. Turner and Virgil Fowler, members to the executive board television council.

The Boy Scout Troops are:

Troop 24, sponsored by Kiwanis Club, with Doctor Jack Vogel as representative and Jack Riley, Ralph Bland and Robert Stewart, troop committee. Reverend F.J. Mehrtens is Scoutmaster and Tom Hagan is assistant.  Boys  in  the  troop  are   Bobby Burnham, James Metz, Charles Rogers, Phillip Whitt, James Patterson, Robert Martin, Frank White, Eddy Paschal, Johnny Flowers, Billy Moody, Perry Nicholas, Keith Murphree, Alvin Russell, Joe Twilley and Jerry Wilson.

Troop 35, of Cullman, with West Methodist Church Men’s Club as representative and L.D. Widner, D.A. Sharpton, Eulis King and P.G. Kilpatrick troop committee, Reverend Sammy Stabler as Scoutmaster and Gordon Wilcutt, assistant. Members of the troop are: George Stabler, L.D. Widner, Junior, Jerry Wilson, Alfred Parrish, Curtis Wilson and Harry Bain.

Troop 33, of Hanceville, with Marvin Ashwander as representative  and Reverend Hubert Hunting, James Nail  and C. Raper, troop committee and Jackie Morgan as Scoutmaster. Members of the troop are Bob Bland, Wayne Chappell, Sudduth Gibbs, Charles Cobb, Tommy Combs, Wallace Hestla, David Luna, Charles Nail, Vann Gibbs, Junior and Ray Nail, both explorers.

Troop 34, of Bolte, with  Otto C. York as representative and Leroy West,  William Leigeber, David Burnham, Troy Bontrager and Asple Leipert, troop committee and Junior Rigsby as Scoutmaster and Phillip McCain assistant. Members of the troop are Ronald Bontrager, Kenneth Leipert, Russell Rigsby, Doyle West and David York and Bertis Torrence and Charles York, both explorers.

Troop 45, of Garden City, with First Baptist Church as representative and J.M. Ray, John L. Folsom, L.N. Smith and Carthel Helms, troop committee and J.L. Milam as Scoutmaster. Members of the troop are Ronald Reid, Jimmy Ray, Steve Thomas, Ronald Cole, Jimmy French, David Chappell and Kelley Milam and Van Fowler, Charles Anderton and Harvey Helms, explorers.

Troop 98, of Crane Hill, with J.M. Mauldin as representative and  Ray Brown, Adrain Pittman and  J.T. Williams, troop committee and Marvin Key as Scoutmaster. Members of  the troop are Wayne Williams, Gerald Campbell, Rayford Calvert and Terry Calvert. Explorers are: Billy Calvert, Coleman Harris, Jay Mosely, Rayburn Williams, George Mauldin and  Jack Kilgo.


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