Former Catoma Mart owners open The Tan Shack

Courtesy of The Tan Shack on Facebook

Left to right: Real Estate Agent Sadie Black, Danny Freeman and Angela Freeman

CULLMAN – The Tan Shack is a new business in town. Located at 1618 Second Ave. SW, the business is enjoying its first weeks of business; however, the entrepreneurs behind the success aren’t newcomers. Angela Freeman and her husband Danny Freeman owned the Catoma Mart for 15 years, and they made several connections in the community that they call home.

The Catoma Mart is located on the corner of Alabama Highway 157 East and Eva Road. A change in ownership last summer made waves on social media, with many of the Freeman’s loyal customers voicing their displeasure.

The Tan Shack has been open since Jan 10, and hasn’t seen a dull moment. Business has been booming, and the personal connections formed over the years have led to many reoccurring customers, according to Angela Freeman.  The family-owned business has just two employees, Angela and Danny.

The Tan Shack is equipped with 15 rooms, 11 regular beds, two super bronzing beds, one stand-up bed, and one leg tanner.

Of the difference between a regular and a bronzing bed, Angela Freeman said, “The bronzing bed has stronger bulbs, and you don’t get as red; you get a bronze color.”

Prices are listed as follows:

Single visits:

  • $5 for regular beds
  • $7 for super bronzing beds

Monthly packages:

  • Regular beds-$36.95, taxes included ($2.20 upgrade fee for use of bronzing bed each visit)
  • Super bronzing bed- $49.95, taxes included

Visit packages:

  • 5- $17.50
  • 10- $30
  • 15- 37.50
  • 20- $40

The Tan Shack sells lots more items as well: body washes, exfoliating scrubs, moisturizing lotions (including hemp moisturizers), shave lotions with shave minimizers, tattoo sticks, lip balms and tanning lotions of all variety.

The business is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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