Dodge City talks bridge repair, storm shelters

Heather Mann

DODGE CITY – It was a quiet night for the Dodge City Town Council Thursday.  After an invocation from Councilman Ervin Chumley, the council accepted last month’s minutes before moving on to the financial report and briefly describing some of the expenses, such as loan payments and the cleaning of a manhole. There were no reports from the town’s sheriff’s deputy or fire chief.

There were three major items of discussion, starting with the repairs of a bridge on County Road 216. Mayor Tawana Canada told the council that she invited a representative from the bridge department in Guntersville to attend the meeting and bring some discussion input, but unforeseen circumstances prevented the representative from coming.

Canada then notified council members that Dodge City is at the bottom of the list of communities in Cullman County to receive storm shelters. "It's not happening," she said. "It's because we've got this community center while other cities don't have anything at all, so we were moved to the bottom."

Lastly Canada announced that sand needs to be poured beneath the swing sets in the community park to prevent children from being injured should they fall.

Canada then made a motion to adjourn and the meeting closed.

The Dodge City Town Council meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at Dodge City Town Hall. The public is welcome to attend.


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