Files from Yesteryear: 1940 and 1957


From the Files of 1940:

ROTC Unit Receives High Rating For 22 Years

Three Auburn students, from Cullman County, are serving this year as officers in the ROTC Unit. Their recent appointment by Colonel John J. Waterman, commandant, has been approved by President L.N. Duncan.

M.W. Camp, of Vinemont, is colonel of Second Field Artillery Regiment; W.W. Newman, of Cullman, is First Lieutenant Company “F,” Second Battalion; M.H. Perry, of Cullman, is First Lieutenant of Company “F,” Second Battalion.

The Auburn ROTC Unit has received the War Department’s highest rating for the past 22 years.


From the Files of 1957:

Holly Pond News

Ill in the Veteran’s Hospital, in Birmingham, was Albert Chambers.

Mrs. Lucille Reid Burns, of East Birmingham, was buried here on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.Y. Shaw and grandson, Mike, of Athens, visited relatives here on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Cal Whatley, of Coaling, were the Sunday dinner guests of Reverend and Mrs. Lester R. Stokes.

A shower, honoring Mr. and Mrs.  Simon Thomas, (Ann Dodson) was enjoyed  at  the  home  of  Mr.  and   Mrs. M.W. Hammock on Saturday night by the following: Mesdames Dorothy Neal, Penny Ellard, Alta Grimes and Jane, Ernestine Mabrey and Karen, Lester Stokes, Quenton Whatley, Robert Lewis, Hester Shoemaker, Martha Glasscock, Annie Bell Whatley, J.O. Carnell, Beulah Stisher and Misses Willie Dodson, Lela Bailey, Ann Shelton and Jimmie Dean Carnell.

Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilley, on Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Morgan and children, Shirley,  Charles and Janice, from Leighton and Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tucker and children, Cindy, Stanley and Susan, from Cullman.

Flying from Birmingham to Atlanta for the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reid and Walter.

Garden City News

Miss Barbara Tidwell is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Tidwell, in Sheffield.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Gamble and Debbie, of Birmingham, were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gamble and Mr. and Mrs. R.C. McAnnally.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dillard, of Birmingham, were weekend guests of the Bill Shavers.

Sunday guests of Mrs. Eula Kinser and mother, Lesley, were Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Lesley, of Sylacauga.

F.W. Shaver arrived home on Friday from Fort Bliss, Texas, where he has completed his army training.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Chappell and David were weekend house guests of Doctor and Mrs. Harry Hillhouse, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Tidwell were: Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Tidwell, Diane and Robert, of Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tidwell, of Gadsden, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Greer, of Gardendale and W.E. Bannister and son, of  Steppville.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones Williams and Mrs. Nancy Bonner, of Birmingham, were Sunday guests of Mrs.  W.D. Abercrombie.

Earl Edwards is recovering from an appendectomy at the Cullman Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Huie, of Hartselle, visited friends here on  Thursday afternoon.

Garden City regrets the loss of two  of its best citizens, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Huie. They moved here 21 years ago, when Mr. Huie became railway agent. He retired from this position in 1954. They have always been active in civic affairs and church work. Mrs. Huie was councilwoman and local Red Cross chairman. Mr. Huie aided  many citizens in the position of Justice of Peace. They moved to their new home on Thursday, in Hartselle.

Mrs. J.A. Kelton was honored on her 80th birthday, with a celebration at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A Kelton on Sunday. Forty-two members of the family and friends were dinner guests and many additional friends called in the afternoon. Among   those   present   were   her   four

children, Mrs. R.O. McAnnally,  Mrs. Odie Gamble, Horace Kelton and J.A. Kelton; twelve grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Eleven grandchildren and great – grandchildren were absent.

Hanceville Happenings

Jessie Matthews, of Loretta, Tennessee is the guest this week of his sister, Miss Omega Matthews.

Reverend and Mrs. W.H. Curl were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brown, in Gadsden.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Devine, Jackie and Judy and Earnest Devine, of Farrisburg, Vermont, are spending two weeks visiting relatives here.

Mrs. E.G. Gibbs, with Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Gibbs, of Birmingham, is spending this week on vacation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mrs. John Kasulka is critically ill in Cullman Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Devine and daughter, of Decatur, visited relatives here, on Sunday.


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