Files from Yesteryear: 1940


From the Files of 1940:
Mr. And Mrs. Henry Sinyard Celebrate Their Golden Wedding Anniversary

On October 2nd, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sinyard celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home near Crane Hill. Although they are both in their seventies, they live alone and operate their own farm.

Those of the family attending the occasion were: Mr. John Sinyard and family, Mr. Ezekiah Sinyard and family, Mr. Timothy Sinyard and family, Mr. Berton Sinyard and family, Mr. Jackson Sinyard and family, Mr. Malcolm L. Phillips and family, Mr. Ben A. Phillips and family and Mr. Barnie Callan and family.

A nice dinner was enjoyed by all who attended.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Sinyard were born in Cullman County and have lived at their present home for forty-five years.

Mr. Sinyard is the son of the late William Simpson and Sarah Caroline Bates Sinyard. Mrs. Sinyard is the former Melsena Guthery, daughter of the late William and Martha Beatrice Speegle Guthery.

Nesmith Reunion

Descendants of the late William A. (Buck) Nesmith will gather at the old home, at Logan, on Sunday, October 13th. A crowd of 1,500 to 2,000 is expected to join in the reunion.

Four of Buck Nesmith’s children are still living. Each of them are well- advanced in years. They are Oliver Nesmith, of Vinemont, Route One, Willie Nesmith, of Vinemont, Route Three, Mrs. Martha Freeman, of Cullman, Route Five and John Nesmith, of Cullman.

Registrars By Precinct:

Precinct 1 – Cullman

R.P. Johnston, John Sterling, T.H. Rogers, Clarence Brunner, George F. Nunnelley, Otto W. Peinhardt, Joe  Baier, S.V. Foust, S.H. Green, Roy Ingle, Clarence Keller, Houston Lovelace, W.A. Trimble, Euell Bain, Charles Bowling, Alvin Wachter, Roy Kaple, C.L. Moore, Louis Hauk, C.W. Dorrough,  R.M. Brown, Joe C. Sapp, John Luyben, Julius Boike, J.I. Mayo, G.P. Stansell, Joe Spitznagel, C.W. Sandlin, Ferris   Patrick, T.J.  Rasco, John Link, Hugo Buettner, P.M. Howard, G.C. Burrow, J.H. Calvert, Burton Childers, J.S. Hyatt, Carl Kinney, J.M. Kilpatrick, Fred E. James, Hubert Mitchell, Virgil B. Fowler, Ernest Galin and Earney Bland.

Precinct 2 – Good Hope

W.F. Robertson, W.L. Hudson, M.L. Livingston, W.M. Woodall, S.J. Calvert and George Livingston.

Precinct 3 – Hanceville

C.T. Burkart, J.R. Edmondson, M.M. Gibbs, Gerdis Hines, Jim Caudell, Grady Bland, A.A. Self, W.C. Griffith, Herman Thomas, John Dean, E.R. Taylor and Ed Ashwander.

Precinct 4 – Garden City

George Green, Roy Allred, Arthur Price and Dee Fanning.

Precinct 5 – Stout’s Mountain

Dan Kinney and J.P. Lamont.

Precinct 6 – Country

O.H. Compton, D.J. Bowling, James D. Moody, Charles Moody, J.T.  Sapp and

A.B. Thomas.

Precinct 7 – Arkadelphia

John Lee, George Dean, Dan W. Parker, Guy Hawkins, J.M. King and C.H. King.

Precinct 8 – Antioch

Lee Roberts, Oscar Roden and E.A. Roberts.

Precinct 9 – Cold Springs

Cranford Burns, G.R. Graves and G.W. Willoughby.

Precinct 10 – Bremen

Brady Hollis, Dewey White, Lawrence D. Rice, P.H. Graves and Luther Grimmett.

Precinct 11 – Trimble

Curtis Hancock, C.A. McMinn, Amos Turner, John Collins, Wint   Livingston,

J.S. McMinn and Lem Bates.

Precinct 12 – Crane Hill

Doctor H.F. Paddock, Homer Pittman, Ervin Wooten, W.P. Wood, Ervin Tucker, Major Miller and George Burrow.

Precinct 13 – Adams

O.L. Sims, A.G. Styles, C.S. Whitlock, Odis Jones, W.S. Jones, Eddie Higgins and W.A. Freeman.

Precinct 14 – Logan

L.D. Young, Wesley Tucker, L.P. White, Starting Rushing and W.H. Legg.

Precinct 15 – Jones Chapel

R.I. Brown, John M. Crider, J.J. Langley, Joe Maner, Loyd White, Arthur Vance, Grady Robbins, J.G.  Bowden, C.F. Brock and H.B. Rodgers.

Precinct 16 – Willow Springs

Ed Bryant, Albert Humphries, W.E. Humphries and J.H. Oakley.

Precinct 17 – Ebenezer

Frank Alvis, A.J. Graham, Tom Swafford, Charlie Gibson, Charlie Walker, R.F. Morris, A.J. Parker, J.D. Morgan, Judge Tankersley, L.C.  Chaney, J.M. Reese, James Cornett, Sam Demonia and Bearl Ragland.

Precinct 18 – Vinemont

P.R. Ridgeway, Charles Hays, Frank Patrick, Claude V. Dunlap, Emil Drake, Homer Crutchfield, James   Easterwood, J.A. Hughes, C.J. Scott, Sam Worthington, W.P. Evans, T. Holmes and Maurice Holmes.

Precinct 19 – Kings

G.F. Livingston, W.B. Keller, Henderson Bailey, Vester Bennefield, Pete King, A.V.  Keller, C.W.   Fischer, J.E. Jetton, J.K. Holmes and O.M. Henry.

Precinct 20 – Baileyton

Taylor Mitchell, R.H. Bell, J.D.   Talley, W.C. Martin, J.P. Hughes, Asa Bailey, Lon Mitchell and H.D. Estes.

Precinct 21 – Joppa (Findley)

O.J. Preston, H.L. Warren, P.A. Scofield, Allen McWhorter, Harry Mann, George Bennefield, W.H. Watson, Lee Maynard, C.S. Martin, O.C.  Isom and C.L. Gober.

Precinct 22 – Holly Pond

Homer Dodson, Hugh Murphy, Marion Hammock, J.E. White, Preston Daniel, John Shoemaker, R.V. Whatley, Steve Daniel, Foster Campbell, Grady Daniel, Walter Wisner, M. Bailey and J.W. Sticher.

Jail – Cranford Waldrop.

Saint Bernard College – Bert Mackentepe and Aloy Imbusch.

Convict Camp – George Armstrong.

Precinct 23 – Berlin

A.A. Jones, Raymond Rakestraw, W.L. Cravin, F.O. Parrish, Sam Self, Reverend

J.M. Pruitt and J.W. Teague.

Precinct 24 – Walter

J.F. Dunlap, Felix Foust, Zady E.  Gable, John Ledbetter, J.W.  Hann and W.H. Gable.

Precinct 25 – Welti

Ollie Harris, J.O. Payne, Ben Goodson and Virgil White.

Precinct 26 – Brushy Pond

Sam Johnson, Floyd Johnson and Roy Self.

Precinct 27 – White City

Earl York, T.G.  Oden, G.D. Chandler, H.B. Fanning, W.L. Bowling and S. Briscoe.

Precinct 28 – Fairview

Whit Hulsey, D.M.  Bailey, T.M. Dye, G.G. Helms, Owen McCain, O.W. Bonds, J.W. Keaton, Isom Akins, Tom Waldrop, Feltus Mullins and Clarence Smith.

Precinct 29 – Grandview

W.G. Howard, Parks Lowery, J.D.  Davis and Grover Woods.

Precinct 30 – Kelley’s School

Ben Perry, John Hasenbein and C.L. Holland.

Precinct 31 – Center Hill

T.W. McKibbens, Tom Johns, L.P. Hollaway and S.W. Absher.

Precinct 32 – Simcoe

E.A. Jones, Ben H. Tillman, Oscar Teague and J.J. Carter.

Special Registrars

Hospital – Doctor J.E. Marion.


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