Files from Yesteryear: 1903, 1933 and 1953


From the Files of 1903:

Miss Agnes Imbusch has entered Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Miss Maude Jones left yesterday to enter school in Nashville.

Professor Tom Wood and Miss Wallace have been elected to teach the Good Hope School by the trustees, C.A. Owen, C.D. Bowling and R.J. Livingston.

Professor J.W. Christian has accepted a position with Robert Griffin.

Uncle P.W. Jackson, of Unity, says he can beat anybody pitching horseshoes.

B. Kempson, of Jones Chapel, is attending school at Falkville.

Miss Zillie Livingston has  returned from a visit with her sister in Ensley.

A.R. Speegle, of Trimble, had four sheep killed by dogs, on Saturday.

Mrs. W.F. Sachs has returned from Louisville, Kentucky.

Ben Gragger, of Gay’s Chapel, was in town on Wednesday.

W.J. Smith, of Dreher, has a fine field  of tobacco.

Miss Susie Bean, of Georgia, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. S.P. Bexley.

Miss Willie Bryan, of Joppa, will teach the winter term of school at King’s School House.

John Dyer, who was working at the Boyles Powder Mill, when it exploded, has come home. He says he has caught up with his powder mill work.

Little Willie Ray is ill.

Miss Emaline Chandler and Thomas Guthrie were married on Thursday.

Little Bryan McAfee has been very ill with pneumonia.

Professor Asa B. Murphree has been elected teacher at Crane Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Hudson have a baby girl at their house.

From the Files of 1933:

Ezma Nixon, Jorine Giles and Roscoe Knight have been elected cheerleaders at Cullman High School.

The Cullman High School football squad includes: Goline Allen, Gerrell Aldridge, Olen Blevins, Woodrow Brasher, Thurman Buchmann, Rafel Cooper, Eddie Estes, Vivian Gibbs, Hubert Grissom, Oree Hall, George Henke, Crawford Holmes,  Maurice House, Eldridge Hulsey, Clifford Keller, Claud Belton Leak, T.D. McMinn, Virgil McMinn, Arthur Richter, Herman Ruehl, Loring Trimble, Jack Vogel, Ralph Waldrop, Kermit Weaver, James Weaver, Robert Werner and Walter Wolf.

The program at Junior Study Club was presented by Myrtle Wise, Grace Wunderlich and Evelyn Gray McAdory.

Sidney Morrow has returned after a summer in Texas and will enter Atlanta Dental College, on Monday.

Miss Bess Callahan is teaching school at Holly Pond.

Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Woodard, Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Woodard, Miss Esther Woodard, Mr. and Mrs. L.O. Brock, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jacobs and Ed Wood attended a singing in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, on Sunday.

Miss Rickie Ziegler has returned from a trip to Nashville.

The little son of Lester Camp remains ill with typhoid fever.

Mrs. M.L. Robertson is teaching a private school for kindergarten and first grade, beginning October 2nd.

Officers of Boy’s Council at Cullman County High School are: Goline Allen, president, Phillip Hartung, vice-president, Raymond Saxara, secretary, Lester Blackman, treasurer, Ralph Waldrop, attorney and W.D. Copeland, sergeant-at- arms.

Reverend W.O. House, age 59, died at his Holly Pond home on Sunday.

 From the Files of 1953:
Valley Grove News

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Canant, of Birmingham, spent the weekend with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. T.N. Davenport.

Mrs. Annie Searcy, of Bremen, visited Mrs. T.J. Treptau, on Tuesday.

Mrs. Maudie Bates, of Falkville and Imogene Patterson and Guenell Ergle, of Lacon, spent the weekend with Donna, Selma and Thelma Davenport.

Howard McGraw, of Cullman, visited his brother, Mr. and Mrs. James McGraw, last weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Nails, of Hamby Chapel, spent the weekend with Reverend and Mrs. F.L. Thomas.

Fairview News

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wilkins and Jack Johnson visited Edd Haynes, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. D.L. McAdams (Ival Harris) and three children, of Gulf Port, Mississippi, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Harris, last weekend.

Mrs. S. Matthews, of Scottsboro, was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Campbell.

Mrs. Ethel Palmer, of Cullman, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Mattie Screws.

J.E. Cummings remains in a serious condition at his home.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Henderson, of Cullman, visited Mr. and Mrs. Lodie Lamberth, on Thursday.

Last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Lodie Lamberth, Faye, Joe, Jimmie and Linda visited Mrs. Dewitt Yeager, in Birmingham.

Recently, Jack Butler, of Eglin Air Force Base, in Florida, spent several days at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Butler, Charles Ray, Pelham and Billy, on September 16th. Charles Ray was inducted in the armed services. Recently, Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Whittman, Mrs. Murial and Dian Butler, of Bowden, Georgia, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Butler.

Last week Mr. and Mrs. Grady Harris and daughter, of Florence, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Harris.

O.M. McCain, of Birmingham, visited her parents in Detroit, Michigan, to resume work, after a ten-day vacation at home.

Janet McCain, of Birmingham, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.M. McCain on Saturday. Joan returned to Howard College, in Birmingham, on September 14th.

Bethany News

A birthday dinner on Sunday honored Mrs. W.E. Smith.

Mrs. Clayton Milligan was honored at a birthday dinner, on Sunday.

Miss Hilda Perdue left Friday for Washington, D.C., where she will be employed by the FBI. Miss Mary Emma Gray, of Cullman, went with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudie Eady moved to Birmingham, on Saturday.

Mrs. Avery Derlan Harbison, Cameron and Darlene, of Holly Pond and Mr. and Mrs. Descon Harbison and Frankie, of Birmingham, spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Harbison.

Mr.  and Mrs. J.A. Perdue were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tucker, in Cullman and Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Perdue, on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Aubry Ravis and children, of Cullman, spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Amon Moon.

Next Sunday, Reverend Loyd Barton, of Helican, will preach at Bethany. Also, the first Saturday night in October is the regular singing night.

Duck River News

Mrs. Sam Thomason is visiting her son and family, in Sweetwater.

Mrs. Edgar Sanlin and Carolyn Jane, of Fultondale and Mrs. Prentice Terry and Manual Mark, of Gardendale, spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Dennis Horsley.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Waldrop visited Mrs. Z.O. Waldrop and Everett this week.  Votie Daniel, Mrs. O.D.  Horsley, Mrs. Dennis Horsley and Mrs. Issac Black attended the Sunday School meeting at Mount Herman Church, on Tuesday night.

Earl Burrow has returned to Detroit, Michigan to work.

Mrs. Jim Entrekin is staying a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Lela Horsley.

Mrs.   Lela   Horsley has   been elected W.M.U. President of Duck River Church. Mrs. Dennis Horsley is Junior Girls Counselor and Mrs. Votie Daniel is the Intermediate Girls Counselor.

Clarence King has returned home from the hospital, after an appendectomy.

Dixie Nell Horsley, Douglas O’Brien, Franklin Sims and Olen and Manyla Daniel attended the singing at Mount Brook Church, at Blount Springs.

Reverend Virgil Sizemore was the speaker at Duck River Church, on Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnham and Doris visited in Oneonta, last weekend.

Simcoe News

Mrs. Bill Mangum, of Cullman, visited Mrs. Birdo Mangum, on Thursday.

Simcoe Baptist Church has chosen Reverend S.A. Morgan for their pastor for another year. The regular preaching days have been changed to every first and third Sunday of each month.

Mr. and Mrs. Clomer Pruett, of Huntsville, were guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Collins Pruett over the weekend.


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