Profile: Cullman County-based bullet manufacturer Moylan LLC


Photo: Dr. Bruce Moylan, left, and the rest of his crew

BAILEYTON – Bullet manufacturer Moylan LLC was founded in 2015 and hopes to “provide innovative ammunition to the American consumer,” according to its owner, Dr. Bruce Moylan.

According the company’s website, “Moylan LLC brings engineered performance to the ammunition industry by supplying unique ammunition alternatives to the shooting public. Our motto highlights that we bring the experience and approaches of the aerospace industry that develops innovative products for our nation’s warfighter, to the American consumer. Our passion for combustion, hypersonic projectiles, ballistics, testing, and manufacturing are infused into all of our products.”          

Based in Baileyton, Moylan LLC will soon open up a retail shop. Until then, all the business is done online.          

“I have made a handful of cold sales calls to local businesses in the area,” said Moylan. “I have talked to the owners of Alabama Tactical Supply, Arab Lumber, Shooters Warehouse and Shepherd 4 Armories. All of these locations are now stocking my ammunition. It is great that these companies are stepping out and partnering with my new business, and I’d like tothank them for being the first stores!”          

Moylan said that Cullman County is the ideal place to start and own a company like his.          

“Cullman is also a firearm-friendly location which cannot be said of Baltimore, Maryland where I was born,” he said. “I have dealt with many local government officials in setting up the business, and I haven’t had a single issue. The people at the Cullman Courthouse, as well as Sheriff Matt Gentry…could not have been better. That says a lot about the people of Cullman.”          

Moylan has worked in the aerospace industry for more than 33 years and is currently employed at the Army’s Aviation Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC). He has worked on solid rocket motors and supersonic missiles for every department in the Department of Defense along with NASA and the Missile Defense Agency. Because of his experience, Moylan has been called upon as a subject-matter expert in hypersonic vehicle design for several conferences as well as on panels for the Pentagon. Moylan leads a team of research scientists in developing advanced missile systems.          

Moylan said that his goal isn’t just to produce quality ammunition, but to use his company to propel the science behind ammunition ahead, and develop new and innovative products that push the market forward.          

“I have several new products that are envisioned stemming from my 33 years of experience as a research scientist in the aerospace community,” Moylan said. “I have a great team ready to start developing these products as the business grows, and I can’t wait for that to happen! So I hope that in the next five years, I am able to produce the products that are currently envisioned, and to have new ideas to continue my goal of making a difference in the ammunition industry.”

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