New “Twenty-Four Seven” Bible study for grades 7-12

Noah Carpenter

Photo shows Bible study organizer, Noah Carpenter.

CULLMAN – Local community member Noah Carpenter has created Twenty-Four Seven – a Bible study – which he hopes will be a place “to help students learn to have a relationship with God twenty-four hours, seven days a week.”          

“It is a peer group study, meaning that our study time is spent together, but within the group each student will have a prayer/accountability partner; each student in seventh, eighth or ninth grade will be paired with a student in 10th, 11th or 12th grade,” Carpenter said.          

The Bible study will not be held at a single specific location each week, lest students feel like a single church is the sponsor of the whole thing.          

Carpenter attends Grace Chapel, but the idea for Twenty-Four Seven, Carpenter says, came to him during a choir tour, led by First Baptist Church.          

“During our 12-day tour, I was able to see students ranging from their first year of middle school into the sophomore year of college come together to support each other and push each other in their relationships with Christ,” Carpenter said. “In the weeks since, I have been to a few individual studies with the students from the tour and just thought to myself, ‘Wow, wouldn't it be cool to keep this going and use this momentum to lead a study during the most stressful part of their year that they can take and use to turn their stress into a greater love for God and to build their relationship with him?’”          

According to Carpenter, the Bible study will be open to grades 7-12, regardless of church membership or school the student attends.          

“Our meeting time and day will shift throughout the year to allow us to best accommodate extracurricular schedules for that time of the year,” Carpenter said.          

The first meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 9. Carpenter is looking into Karma’s Coffee House as the location of the first meeting.         

To sign up or for more information, contact Carpenter at 256-347-9109 or