Gettin’ down and dirty at Stony Lonesome’s 4th Annual Dirt Therapy Day

Will Hogue

BREMEN – Stony Lonesome OHV Park held its annual Dirt Therapy Day on Saturday, a day “totally devoted to having fun in the mud!”          

The day, which is one of several annual events at the park, gave participants a chance to compete in various semi-organized events such as a vehicle tug-o-war, mud races, donut contests, drag racing, a mud slide, the womanless Mud Queen pageant and more.          

The park usually leaves all guests to use the grounds as they wish, which is still an option on Dirt Therapy Day, but Park Manager Tyler Lindsey on Saturday coordinated different competitions throughout the park between vehicles and their owners.          

The competitions were all even matchups – such as four-wheelers vs. four-wheelers, pickup trucks vs. pickup trucks.          

The day brought out people wanting to participate in the action as well as plenty of spectators.          

“We drive around a little bit, but really we’re just here to watch the action,” one visitor said about her and her husband. “We got our coolers with us and all of our drinks, so we’re here to enjoy the show.”        

The day was hot and dry, but Lindsay and his crew didn’t let the dirt stay that way. Stony Lonesome is renowned for and takes pride in its ability to keep its tracks that are meant to be muddy, muddy. A truck with a very large tank of water meandered through the park, pouring water all across the trails.          

Hundreds of riders gathered around each event in their myriad vehicles to watch those who were participating in the activities.          

“I kind of wish they’d let us just run it ourselves,” said 17-year-old Conner Riley. His friend who was sitting on the same four-wheeler seat as Riley was quick to remind him they were free to do whatever they wanted.          

“I mean, we come here all the time, Conner,” Dylan Bradson said. “You know every other time we can do whatever we want. We really love this place, honestly. Down there at the creek they’ve got is my favorite part of the whole place here.”          

The subculture at the Stony Lonesome is bold and definitive. Those who comprise it wildly enjoy being muddy. It is not uncommon to see men wearing denim overalls without shirts, covered in dirt and mud, wistfully rumbling by on their 4x4s.

The end of Dirt Therapy Day was marked by a night ride and bonfire.

One thing is certain, those who attend this annual event – most of whom frequent the OHV park throughout the year – see it as their duty to enjoy getting down and dirty.          

This year, their duties were fulfilled in overplus at Stony Lonesome, and fun was seemingly had by all.

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