Desperation Church Small Groups: The Sisterhood

Danica Lee Tankersley

Photo shows The Sisterhood, a small group that meets on Thursday nights at different members' homes.

CULLMAN – Before making it through the door of a welcoming home on Thursday night in Cullman, the air was filled with the sound of laughter and joy. As the door opened, greetings were called out by a chorus of voices.

“Hey sweetie!”

“Where’s my hug?”

“Did you find us okay?”

Bread, in the form of pizza, chips and dip, was broken. Encouragement, love and friendship were the business at hand. Sitting alone in the corner is not an option with The Sisterhood, one of 120 small groups offered through Desperation Church this semester.

Ashley Wilson, one of the leaders of The Sisterhood described her first small group meeting. “My friend made me come to my first small group. She texted me three days beforehand to remind me and then again the day before. I was afraid she would come after me if I didn’t go,” she laughed.

In a church that sees over 2,000 people worshipping over two campuses every Sunday morning, it would be easy to feel lost in a sea of strange, new faces. Small groups are Desperation Church’s answer to that possible intimidation.

Linda Stone, Desperation Church’s small groups administrator, shared, “Small groups are important for learning and growing, but at Desperation Church, small groups are also designed to help us care for one another. As our church grows larger, we must remain small at the same time.”

The Sisterhood’s mission is to provide “an encouraging atmosphere where women can meet, hang out and face the world’s problems together.”

Their goals are simple. They want to encourage each other and build authentic friendships. Their laughter and joy are genuine. Saige Smith is proud that the ladies “celebrate each other’s successes,” a sentiment shared by the other group members.

“I think The Sisterhood is where I found my friends at. These friendships are the grown-up relationships that I have now. I love that we’ve committed to build relationships without cutting each other down or talking behind each other’s back. We are girls who are committed to loving and helping each other,” explained Wilson.

Sisterhood member Smith reported, “The Sisterhood is the door that opened me up to my walk with Christ. It was the door that got me there. I would not be here without my small group. I know it was God’s plan to give me this beginning.”

New to the group is McKenzie Jacobsen who, when asked what led her to The Sisterhood, replied, “My friend. She comes to this group, and I want more girlfriends who I can actually connect with, hang out with and talk to about stuff that really matters.”

Jacobsen’s best friend, Jessica Watson, laughed and said, “I told her that I was signing up for this small group and she was coming with me!”

“For those who are plugged into small groups, they are given a support system so they never have to be in the hospital or funeral home, or at a graduation service or wedding ceremony alone! In your small group you are surrounded by a group of people who help you avoid crisis or provide spiritual and emotional support when you are going through it,” said Stone.

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Desperation Church has two campuses. In Cullman, at 202 Elizabeth St. NE, and in Jasper, at 204 19th St. E #100.