Kenneth Terry, Pastor of Soul’s Harbor Free Will Baptist Church

Soul's Harbor Free Will Baptist Church
By all accounts I should not be in the ministry if you consider my lowly beginning — But God knew all the time his plan for my life!”
Kenneth Terry, Pastor of Soul's Harbor Free Will Baptist Church

VINEMONT — Growing one's faith in the Lord can be very rewarding, especially when that growth is lead by a faithful pastor. The congregation at Soul's Harbor Free Will Baptist Church has one such person, Reverend Kenneth Terry. Terry strives to bring lost souls to the Lord by delivering faith inspiring sermons each Sunday. He leads by example, showing his flock the Christian way in his daily life. 

“By all accounts I should not be in the ministry if you consider my lowly beginning,” Terry began. “But God knew all the time his plan for my life,” he smiled. 

“My mother and father divorced before I was old enough to remember my father,” he continued. “My mother died of complications from surgery and left my brother and me without parents; we were 5 and 7 years old at the time. We had three grown sisters, my middle sister and her husband provided us a home until we were adopted by members of my brother-in-laws' distant family. While Joe and Earnestine Terry were never able to have children of their own, they adopted us and provided a loving caring home. We were blessed to have the foster parents that God provided to rear us.”

At the age of 16, Terry was saved during a Revival at Pleasant Hill Free Will Baptist Church in Blount County. He joined the church and was baptized soon thereafter. During his senior year of high school, he met his beautiful wife to be, Marie Aaron. The two married shortly after they graduated high school and since then the couple has been blessed with three sons, 11 grandchildren and one great-grandson due in December of this year. 

“I accepted God's call to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus at the age of 20 and I was licensed that same year. One year later I was ordained into the Ministry,” he smiled. “Some may ask, ‘Have you always known that you would be a preacher?’ In my case, no – but God knew!” he chuckled. 

“It took a while for me to surrender to the call to preach. The burden of the call became so heavy upon heart that I could no longer resist,” he reminisced.

“I was so burdened with conviction and ran from God's will for my life,” he shook his head. “One day I surrendered to the call while working at my job in Cullman. I went to a fellow worker who was a pastor and confessed for the first time publicly. His advice was for me to go to my church and acknowledge my calling, which is what I did that very night. It was a glorious time I will never forget!”

Brother Terry has served as pastor for several area churches throughout the years, but he has found his home at Soul's Harbor Free Will Baptist Church. He considers his position there to be a true blessing. 

“They have loved me and my family for over 30 years. They have given me the opportunity to be their Pastor and I count it a privilege and honor to serve them,” he said graciously. 

From the humblest beginnings, Terry has grown into a genuine leader of his church. Filled with humility and faith, many come to him on their journey to discover Jesus Christ.

Soul's Harbor Free Will Baptist Church is located at 21325 US Hwy 31, Vinemont, AL 35179. For more information call 256-734-2882, e-mail and visit Follow the church on Facebook at