Wallace State Trio Program Enriches Students’ Lives


HANCEVILLE – Wallace State President Vicki Karolewics gave a warm welcome to high school and middle school students at Trio day on Tuesday, May 5. She stated, “Our goal is for you to go to college. We want you at Wallace State, but our goal is for you to go to college because that’s how you shape your future. I want to encourage you to develop that plan and stick to it and hopefully let us be a part of it.” Trio, a talent search program, prepares students and shows them what they can expect when they go to college. 

The day spent on Wallace State’s campus was not just a great learning experience but also quite fun. The high school and middle school students were treated to a Wallace State Singers performance, a highly talented group of performers who are students at Wallace. The main speaker at the event, Sheriff Matt Gentry, encouraged the younger generation to be leaders and make the right decision, no matter how tough it may be. 

Gentry stated, “Growing up, things are not easy, there’s nothing easy in life. Those things that are worth it in life take us having to dig in, put our heels in and move forward.” 

Following the events in the Betty Leeth Haynes student center, the students went on a guided tour around Wallace’s beautifully manicured campus. They got to see what a real college classroom looks like and meet some of the professors. Giving them a taste of what college will be like hopefully inspired these young students to see how easily attainable a higher education is. The reception these teenagers received from Wallace State should persuade most to attend college when it comes time to do so. This program should be a priority for all high school students who are struggling or unsure about their capability of being a successful college student.

Sheriff Matt Gentry expounded on the importance of this type of program, “This event is very important for the direction and leadership of our youth here in Cullman County and surrounding counties. I think the impact is going to be great.” 

A program like this will indeed affect the next generation. It will hopefully harvest more educated and responsible adults. College is not always for everyone, but it will help you reach your goal and increase your job opportunities. Producing more programs like this will create a better economy in the future, with potentially less low-income families and leaders of our society.